By Kelly Wilson - Oct 9, 2018

3 Tips for Creating a Positive Appointment Experience

As an appointment-driven business, you need to be delivering a premium appointment experience to your customers to ensure the success of your organization.

Currently, customer experience expectations are on the rise and offering your customers a traditional experience is not going to cut it for much longer.  New technology has made it possible for other financial services organizations to provide an enhanced customer experience, and this is a benefit that your organization can experience as well.

The appointment experience begins when the customer contacts your organization to schedule their appointment and does not simply end once the appointment has been completed.  From the second that the customer decides they want an appointment with your organization, you are being assessed and expected to provide them with a seamless experience all the way through.

With 87% of people think brands need to work harder to create a seamless experience for customers; your organization needs to ensure that it is providing customers with a streamlined and tailored experience, in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Here are 3 tips we have for you to enhance the appointment experience that you provide to your customers with enterprise appointment scheduling:


Start the journey off right

As an appointment driven business, you do not want the booking process to create a negative experiencethat is causing your customers to turn to competitors.  Whether your customers are booking over the phone or through an online self-serve portal, they should be able to efficiently connect with your organization, without much hassle. When the appointment booking process is too difficult, you leave your organization at a high risk of appointment booking abandonment, while your customers go off in search of a better experience with one of your competitors.

With integrated appointment scheduling, your organization can offer its customers different methods by which they can schedule their appointments with your organization, such as through an online self-service portal, or with a representative through the call center.  And, no matter which customer-facing channel they choose, your customers will have a more streamlined experience due to the efficient appointment booking journey either your customers or call center representative will go through.


Know your customer

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.  Having a customer show up for an appointment where the advisor is unaware of their history with your organization with no insight into their needs creates a terrible experience where your customer feels unvalued.  There is nothing that shows your customers that they are valued more than providing them with a personalized experience. When your customer-facing staff have additional insight into the customer’s history with your organization, they are able to tailor the appointment and services to the customer’s needs, allowing them to create a personalized experience.

With enterprise appointment scheduling, your organization will gain additional insight into customer needs at the time of appointment booking.  This will give the advisor access to information about the customer’s financial history. Additional information about the customer prior to the appointment provides the advisor with insight into the customer’s past behaviors, allowing them to be better prepared in order to meet the customer’s appointment needs.  This experience allows your customers to feel valued by your organization and gives advisors up-sell opportunities due to understanding their previous behavior.


Show you care, follow-up with them

The appointment experience is not necessarily over once the customer has completed meeting with their advisor. Following-up with your customers is a very important aspect of the appointment experience as failing to do so can leave your customers feeling undervalued.  Follow-ups show customers that you care and allows your organization to gauge their satisfaction with the appointment experience that is offered.  In this competitive time in the banking industry, when it comes to customer experience, gaining feedback directly from customers following their appointment is extremely valuable and will give your organization a competitive edge.  Customer’s who feel that their financial services provider is listening to their needs are more likely to be loyal and continue to do business with that brand.  

With enterprise appointment scheduling, you are able to send your customers post-appointment emails that can include follow-up surveys. This additional touchpoint in the appointment journey will make customers feel valued because they have a platform to voice their opinion about the experience they had with your organization.


The appointment process begins as soon as the customer decides they need to book an appointment with your organization, and does not have to end until the customer is given a chance to review the experience that they had with your organization.  As an appointment driven business, it is crucial that your organization provides an exceptional personalized service in order to reduce the chances of your customers scouting out competitors that provide a superior customer experience.

For more information on how implementing an appointment scheduling software can enhance the appointment experience that you provide to your customers, schedule a consultation today!