TCU Financial Implements Coconut Software

TCU Financial Implements Coconut Software

“TCU’s goal is to offer members an online experience that rivals the exceptional level of Branch service that TCU members have been witness to for years.”

TCU Financial – Challenge

TCU needed a centralized appointment solution to match their unique business. The desired tool would make it easy for all levels of staff to connect and organize their work hours and client appointments into one centralized system. TCU also had high hopes for allowing customers to book appointments online, in real-time, that would directly integrate into the internal scheduling tool.

“TCU Financial Group is forward thinking, and a step ahead of other institutions. Their openness to technology has created a very high level of customer service. I am so pleased we were granted the opportunity to work with them.” – Katherine Regnier, CEO – Coconut Software

Video Transcript:

Denise Nykiforuk (Project Coordinator, TCU Financial):
We needed something to better serve our members for our online world as we are moving forward and becoming more innovative in an online presence. So our previous scheduler was very, very basic and didn’t adapt to the amount of different delivery channels that we offer, and we needed something that was more dynamic.

Nadine Schmaltz (Manager of Corporate Services, TCU Financial):
Our request was a little unique. We needed the ability to hook our members to our sales people, but through different delivery channels.

Denise Nykiforuk:
Coconut Software provides us with an awesome online service that our members can do online booking through to meet with account managers or financial planners here at TCU.

Nadine Schmaltz:
It’s linked to our TCU home page and it says, “Do you want to book an appointment online?” You click it, you choose what branch you want to do the appointment at, or the salesperson that you wanted to meet with. And it’s just a enter driven software that gets the appointment booked at the time that’s available.

Denise Nykiforuk:
When we first started working with Coconut Software we had a really collaborative meeting between our team and their team where we talked about everything that we wanted to accomplish with the software.

Nadine Schmaltz:
We went back we tested and we thought well maybe something like this would work better and it was a phone call or an email away. And within days, never weeks, they had restructured the design so that it fit what we had asked.

Denise Nykiforuk:
There was a lot of back and forth with Coconut Software from the get-go because we needed a lot of customizations, because we are a very unique organization. For example in our new branch we’ve got three video conference rooms and two of them sit at a high stool. So we knew not every member is comfortable with that, so we needed to add a feature where they could tell us. If that member needs to book into a room where, for example, they can sit in their wheelchair, then it will make sure that it picks the right room for them. What I like most of all coconut software is that it’s quick, easy to use, nice bright colors so you know what’s happening. So it’s definitely helped with just a quick visualization of how my day’s going to look.

Nadine Schmaltz:
If I had to pick a supplier of the year it would be Coconut Software — they were amazing. You don’t find very many suppliers that are as collaborative as Coconut Software is, or as obliging to get the work done.

Denise Nykiforuk:
I think people who aren’t using Coconut Software are crazy. Just because it is so easy to use. Coconut Software is definitely something that you need to have on board so your scheduling needs.

I love them.

They’re awesome.

Go with Coconut Software.

Whats Next?

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