3 Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software for Credit Unions

3 Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software for Credit Unions

Managing member appointments can be a difficult task, with a lot that goes into getting the most our of your advisors meetings. Appointment scheduling software for credit unions could be the tailored solution to improving member management and overall member experience.

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You want to make sure all of analysts are busy, resulting in full appointment calendars with qualified members. You also want advisors to be prepared for their meetings so they can provide personalized service for members. Finally, you want to make sure that things are running smoothly and resources are being managed effectively, giving advisors more time to focus on the needs of members and less time on scheduling.

Below, we highlight how to leverage software to address appointment scheduling challenges and build stronger relationships with members, leaving them happier and more inclined to continue working with you in the future.

1. Encouraging Appointments

More than anything, you want to keep advisors busy with member meetings. Whether the members are net new or returning, it is key to branch performance that meetings are booked and advisors are getting face time with credit union members.

By implementing appointment scheduling software for credit unions, members are empowered to schedule their own meeting time. People do not want to have to call in and schedule a time or come in person only to have to wait for an available advisor. They prefer the convenience of scheduling a time for themselves. Additionally, this allows members to manage their schedules when they want to, booking meetings after hours when they have a chance to review their own schedule for the next day.

By including appointment scheduling the credit union website and / or digital communications (email, social media, etc.), members are able to look at your advisors’ schedules, choose which advisor they would like to meet with and book a time that suits their needs. This allows members to plan their day around their appointment, making it much more likely that they will keep the meeting time and not drop off. The easier it is for members to schedule a time, the more likely it is that member traffic will increase at branches, meaning more revenue for the credit union.

2. Customer Intelligence ahead of Time

Once a time is scheduled, it is imperative that the content of a meeting is meaningful and relevant, for both the member and advisor. Members don’t want to have to spend the meeting providing basic details or hearing about things they’re not interested in. The goal of these meetings is to get the most out of their investment and they want to leave feeling they’ve gotten closer to that goal. Alternatively, advisors want to understand potential opportunity of each meeting, so they can tailor their presentation to address their specific needs and interests. By better understanding a member’s need ahead of time, advisors are able to focus on material that would bring the most benefit and encourage further investment from that member.

Utilized properly, appointment scheduling can capture key member information as they’re booking an appointment. It could be as simple as asking them to define whether they’re interested in learning more about loans, investments, insurance, etc. This can become more complex if you want information around previous finance activity, amount that they’re considering to invest. All of this information helps the advisor better prepare for the meeting and make sure what they are discussing with a member is relevant and helpful. And of course, the better the meeting goes, the more opportunity there is to establish a relationship and drive additional revenue.

3. Better Resource Management

Service bottlenecks and disorganization can be a major pain point for credit unions. If offices / branches rely exclusively on call-ins or in-person bookings, chances are that resources are being bogged down with scheduling issues when they could be focusing on activities that drive revenue.

By handing off the responsibility of scheduling appointments from your own internal resources to the credit union’s members, you are freeing up a lot more time and energy for other activities. Additionally, simplifying the way members book their time with an advisor is going to make them happier and eager to book more meetings in the future. Members aren’t having to wait on hold to schedule a meeting ahead of time, going back and forth comparing schedules via email or waiting in your office for an available resource.

What’s next?

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