It Takes A Village – Katherine Regnier and Ryan Quiring

It Takes A Village – Katherine Regnier and Ryan Quiring

Katherine is featured in Startupville Podcast Ep #3.

I feel really passionate about being able to take those lessons from the major tech hubs and bring that back, so we can have that expertise here.

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Startupville features interviews with successful small-city tech founders on what it’s like to start and grow a tech startup in a smaller city away from the major hubs of Silicon Valley and Toronto, and how that has shaped their business. At Startupville, we challenge the notion that the next big thing can only be made in Silicon Valley.

In this special interview, Dan Gold of Startupville sits down to speak with Katherine Regnier, Co-founder & CEO of Coconut Software and Ryan Quiring, Co-founder & CEO of SafetyTek Software to discuss the unique challenges that tech startups face in their growth. Particularly those unique to startups that have been established outside of major city centers.

The issue is one that Coconut Software has faced and come to embrace since their beginnings in the budding Saskatoon tech scene. Through strategic partnerships, a passionate team and strong leadership with a vision for the future, Coconut Software has not only overcome those challenges, but to thrive as a result of them. Because it doesn’t take a city to raise a startup. It takes a village.

Building a startup is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s so important for founders to surround themselves with the right people to help push them through it all.

Whether it is getting advice from an experienced veteran, commiserating over shared struggles with other founders, or having those closest to you keeping you grounded as you think you’ve reached your limit. In a big city, it’s easy to get lost. But in a village, everyone is ready to lend a hand. And in building a tech startup, we all find our own village.

Nobody has ever built a successful startup alone. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and we all need to find our village to keep us moving forward.

Source: Startupville Podcast

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