Coconut Founder and CEO Heads To Silicon Valley

Coconut Founder and CEO Heads To Silicon Valley

Her Bags Are Packed And She Is Ready To Go

Coconut Calendar’s CEO and Founder, Katherine Regnier, has been invited to a prestigious one-month mentorship program in San Francisco, hosted by Neal Dempsey.

A Bit About Neal Dempsey

Neal Dempsey lives in California and he was one of the first personal investors in Starbucks. He started his career in sales and is now Senior Partner at Bay and responsible for 9 board seats and driving the company’s investment towards liquidity. He has invested in innovative, industry-changing companies like, Guidewire (market cap: $2.09 billion), Eloqua (which was acquired in 2012 by Oracle for $871 million) and DropCam.

You can read more about Neal here.

Neal’s Running Start Program is a month-long mentorship program focused on up-and-coming business owners in trending industries. Neal is passionate about new businesses and investing his time in developing great, emerging leaders.

The goal of the program is to work 1:1 with select entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses and develop key relationships, focusing on specific areas of opportunity.

Neal has selected 4 business owners from around the world and Katherine is one. Here is what Neal has to say about Katherine and Coconut Calendar.


Neal’s Running Start program will start April 23rd and runs until May 24th.

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About Coconut Software

Coconut Software, a Saskatoon-based tech company, is an industry leading software company that provides sophisticated yet simple appointment and lobby management solutions. Geared towards managing walk-ins, on-site & pre-booked appointments, all while providing real-time insights to optimize results, Coconut provides enterprise level solutions that redefine how customers interact with organizations while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Born out of a need for real-time, easy-to-adopt scheduling and customer management, Coconut is the preferred solution for modern banks and credit unions across North America. Since its founding in 2011, the company has quickly become the leader in appointment scheduling and lobby management platforms for modernizing the customer experience, while saving companies time and money.