London Drugs Implements Coconut Software Solutions

London Drugs Implements Coconut Software Solutions

London Drugs has selected Coconut Software, an industry leading tech company, to deliver real time appointment scheduling for customers in order to easily connect with a London Drugs Expert in store. With the implementation of Coconut Software’s solutions, London Drugs will be able to manage appointments and leverage Coconut’s real time insights to build a relationship, not just a transaction. At London Drugs, they understand the value of time and the importance of offering a tailored customer experience.

“Coconut is a simple to use, retail focused system that made it easy to fulfill our needs for an easy way for customers to book time with our staff,” said London Drugs AGM of IT, Greg Martin. “It helped us be quick to market to meet a customer need quickly and without having to custom build a solution.”

The partnership began in 2016, with a focus on mobile phone activation and computer product advice. With the success of these services, London Drugs has expanded to include camera, photo lab, and audio video system tutorials, photography tips, and beauty consultations, which are now available in select stores across Western Canada. The public can easily book a one-on-one sessions online.

“Companies want to better understand their customers before they get to the till,” added Coconut Software CEO & Founder Katherine Regnier. “Our solution allows for meaningful and timely interaction between the company and a potential customer.”

About Coconut Software:

Coconut Software, a Saskatoon-based tech company, is an industry leading software company that provides sophisticated yet simple appointment and lobby management solutions. Geared towards managing walk-ins, on-site & pre-booked appointments, all while providing real-time insights to optimize results, Coconut provides enterprise level solutions that redefine how customers interact with organizations while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Born out of a need for real-time, easy-to-adopt scheduling and customer management, Coconut is the preferred solution for modern banks and credit unions across North America. Since its founding in 2011, the company has quickly become the leader in appointment scheduling and lobby management platforms for modernizing the customer experience, while saving companies time and money.

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