Coconut Software’s Nathan Poellet to Speak at the Financial Brand Forum

Coconut Software’s Nathan Poellet to Speak at the Financial Brand Forum

Conference Date: April 27 – 29, 2020
Location: Aria Hotel Resort | 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89158, United States
Booth: #731

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Join Coconut Software’s Senior Director of Product, Nathan Poellet as he takes viewers through a modern in-branch experience at the the Financial Brand Forum, running from April 27 – 29, 2020. Nathan will be diving into themes surrounding in-branch transformation – considering the customer journey from start to finish.

Financial institutions in particular have come to understand that there is no single type of experience that is going to be preferred by everyone. Depending on factors like location, age, occupation and wealth, different customers are going to want to interact with their financial institution in different ways. That’s where Coconut Software comes in. Our goal is to help banks and credit unions provide a consistent experience across every channel while gathering impactful customer data that can be used to refine their strategy.

Finally, using real-time data collected on every phase of the customer journey, Coconut provides banks and credit unions with a better understanding of the needs of their customers. With detailed performance reports, plus insights into no-shows, branch traffic, channel usage and more all available on an easily understandable dashboard, financial institutions are able to enact quick and effective optimizations, and bridge the gap between advisors and their customers.

3 things banking executives will learn by attending our presentation:

  • How to provide a consistent customer experience across all your customer facing channels, including; digital websites, call center and in-branch
  • How to utilize customer engagement data to help forecast and plan branch strategy so that you are appropriately staffing individual branches to meet demand
  • Empower your advisors to make strong relationships with customers, promoting loyalty and finding additional points of entry along their individual customer journey
  • Making sure that branch staff are completely interchangeable and that your customers are always getting the same great experience

About Coconut Software

Coconut Software is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for modern banks and credit unions including: Capital One, Vancity, United Federal Credit Union, and Jackson Hewitt. By providing technology that elevates the customer experience while improving operational efficiencies, Coconut’s solutions consistently increase satisfaction scores, decrease churn, and strengthen acquisition.