Mastering Social Customer Acquisition For Banks and Credit Unions

Mastering Social Customer Acquisition For Banks and Credit Unions

Leveraging social media as a selling tool has become imperative in todays digital age, known as social customer acquisition, optimizing your content to promote sales is a key step in development. In 2017 60% of the North American population was active on social media, and almost every company is trying to capitalize on this. By integrating an enterprise appointment booking solution into your social media strategy, you can ensure you are providing your prospects with an easy way to connect with you, from the platform they prefer.

Social Customer Acquisition Scenarios

Scenario 1

Jane runs across an ad for a promotion for a free tablet for becoming a new member with ABC bank. Jane clicks on the ad, and is directed to an ABC branded booking site to book an appointment to meet with an advisor to get started. Jane books an appointment, receives a confirmation email and can reschedule easily at anytime. She closes out the browser, and continues to scroll through her social media feed.

Scenario 2

Jane runs across the same ad and clicks for more information and she gets redirected to a landing page where she has to call a 1-800 number to book an appointment. Now, one of 5 things might happen:

  1. Jane calls the 1-800 number and it is outside of the contact centre hours – Jane may never call back.
  2. Jane calls the 1-800 number and is put on a 10 minute hold – she hangs up.
  3. Jane thinks, “I’ll do it later”, and continues scrolling through her social feed.
  4. Jane calls the 1-800 number and books and appointment, but then has to reschedule but doesn’t want to call back to be put on a hold again so she doesn’t show up.
  5. Jane calls and books the appointment and shows up as scheduled.

Which scenario do you think has a higher chance of turning into revenue? Which scenario do you think is more likely to result in a no-show appointment? Which scenario will result in a better customer experience?

With an enterprise-grade appointment scheduling solution your organization will:

  • Increase the volume of appointments by providing a mechanism where your client or prospect can book an appointment when and where they want.
  • Decrease your drop-off rate thereby increasing your volume of appointments, and in turn, increasing revenue.
  • Decrease no-shows by sending automated email and text reminders to prospects and clients.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with real time confirmation emails so they can plan accordingly and integrate into their personal calendar.

A real-time appointment booking solution is imperative to integrate with your social media strategy to ensure your customers and prospects always have a seamless and positive experience while you get the revenue and data you need.

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