How Can Customer On-Boarding Reduce Churn?

How Can Customer On-Boarding Reduce Churn?

Increasing sales of your business products are great, but how successful are increased sales if customer churn rises with them? When customers buy a new product promising increased operational efficiencies within their organization, they sometimes forgo the customer on-boarding process because they do not have the time, or they were not aware that on-boarding for their new product was offered. If the customer does not know how to use the product, this can cause many problems for your customer on-boarding, sales, and support teams, and lead to issues that ultimately increase churn in your organization.

We will discuss the risks of not having an easy process to connect with customers to book on-boarding appointments, and how your organization can increase the number of customers going through the on-boarding process to ensure their success with your product.

Risks of Ineffective Customer On-Boarding

Customer Issues

When customers don’t realize that an on-boarding appointment is available, or necessary, they may not understand how their new tool works.  Alternatively, customers can adequately use their new product, but because they did not go through the full on-boarding process, they are missing out on features that will help them achieve the business results they were hoping to experience.  Either scenario is frustrating for your customers who can end up feeling like they wasted their money and time implementing this new product, which puts you at risk of losing the customer.

In this case, you might be asking yourself, “Why are my customers not completing the onboarding process?” Well, when your customers purchase and roll out their new product, they likely want to experience its benefits as soon as possible, and not want to spend any more time and resources completing the process.  Alternatively, your customers could be completely unaware of the on-boarding resources your organization has in place to help them understand how to use their new tool.

Organizational Issues

When you do not offer an accessible process for scheduling customer on-boarding interactions, it can create a lot of issues for your organization.

When a customer rolls out a tool they were not properly trained on, they rely heavily on your customer support team to answer even the simplest questions that could have been avoided if the customer received the proper on-boarding of their new product.  This can also lead to high levels of churn due to customers feeling misled about the capabilities of their new product when, really, they were simply never trained on how to get the most of the tool.

Increase Customer On-Boarding to Reduce Churn

By increasing the number of customers who go through the on-boarding process, you will be able to reduce churn and increase the success your customers have with your product.  One way you can increase the number of customers going through the on-boarding process is by using an appointment management tool. One of the ways to increase customer adoption is by offering on-boarding through pre-scheduled interactions which can be made easy is with an appointment management solution.

Here is a use case showing how your organizations can schedule customer on-boarding, with an appointment management solution.

A customer purchases a product from your organization, and they are informed about the on-boarding program you offer to help them get set-up with their new tool.  Immediately after learning about the on-boarding program, the customer can schedule a session with an on-boarding specialist through the sales representative. After this customer touchpoint, your organization will not need to reach out to the customer until the on-boarding session since it was scheduled ahead of time. Plus,  the customer will receive automated reminders of their upcoming session, ensuring they’ll budget the time for this interaction.

With a scheduling platform, your organization will be able to set up customer interactions in advance, reducing operational costs from cold-calling customers to set up on-boarding session and increase the number of customers going the on-boarding process. Your customers will be able to understand their new tool completely and take full advantage of its features, leading to increased success with your product, and ultimately, reduced churn.

For more information about how you can increase customer success and reduce churn in your organization, schedule a consultation today.