TELUS Appointments Launches Coconut Software Solutions

TELUS Appointments Launches Coconut Software Solutions

TELUS waves goodbye to line ups and launches nationwide with Coconut Software Appointment Scheduling technology.

On June 1st, TELUS launched a cutting-edge program, changing the game in how customers connect in the retail space.

TELUS Appointments is an online appointment scheduling solution that encourages customers to book an appointment to “Get a Phone” or to “Repair a Phone.”

Saskatchewan-based company, Coconut Software, was hand selected by TELUS to lead development of the scheduling technology in order to support over 1,000 stores nationwide.

Katerine Regnier, CEO of Coconut Software states;

“We don’t wonder if flights or hotels can be booked online. In today’s day and age, we just assume. And let’s not forget about the Apple Genius Store booking solution. This is a clear indicator to me that large retailers are starting to get it, and the idea is going mainstream. Think about it, and industry leading company like TELUS can offer an exceptional and tailored experience to their customers by having a staff member being ultra prepared for their arrival. This without a doubt increases the bottom line. And to be honest, I’ve never seen a person waiting in line to be happy.”

The success of this new program was immediately recognized during the pilot earlier this year (within Ontario only). Customers welcomed the change and bid farewell to lone line-ups. In-store team members felt the change too. An important component of the system is an internal management tool for staff to create availability and view their appointments on the go. By having this system, team members are more proactive, prepared, and confident in delivering the right solution.

“TELUS is giving customers a voice and the power to choose what they want to do, and when they want to do it.”

Not all customers want to purchase products and services online. There is a natural desire for a true personal connection. You want to ask questions, speak to an expert, be pampered, and buy into the brand.

By introducing technology like appointment scheduling, TELUS is giving customers a voice and the power to choose what they want to do, and when they want to do it. Sales reps are now experts, equipped with powerful knowledge before the customer even enters the store. Now you have a delighted customer, and staff members who are confident, confident and happy.

In addition to releasing the latest masterpiece, TELUS Appointments, Coconut Software has been a trusted partner of TELUS for over 5 years, launching and supporting scheduling solutions for their other innovative programs including their TELUS Learning Centres.

Coconut Software understands the needs of partners, and the importance of a sincere experience. There is no greater satisfaction than the loyalty of a customer. After all, word does spread.

Looking to boost revenue and deliver a premium experience to your clients? Schedule a consultation with Coconut Software to learn more about how our appointment scheduling solutions can get you there.


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