Benchmarking Your New Technology Implementation

Benchmarking Your New Technology Implementation

Going through a new technology implementation is no small feat. You want to ensure that, once complete, your new solution delivers measurable results against your organization’s KPIs by benchmarking your new technology implementation.

One way to ensure you are getting the best ROI from your new appointment scheduling solution is by benchmarking your new technology implementation. This blog discusses the importance of setting benchmarks, and how you can use them to ensure you are getting the most out of your new appointment scheduling solution.

The Risks of Not Tracking Your Benchmarks

By not benchmarking your new technology implementation, you risk paying for an underperforming solution. With new technology, there is a high chance of a low adoption rate. However, if you do not know the analytics for the adoption rate of your new solution, there is no way for you to find and manage ways to increase its use within your organization. If this is the case, you will end up paying for a solution no one is using, and, ultimately, does not contribute to improving your operational efficiencies.

Additionally, if your new solution is customer-facing and you are not collecting feedback on the experience it provides, you risk providing customers with a solution causing them undue frustration, instead of the positive impact you anticipated. Failing to collect feedback on your new solution will prevent you from gaining a better understanding of how your implementation fits into the customer journey.

By failing to track benchmarks related to your new solution, you’re essentially stumbling around in the dark, having no idea how it’s performing. Different organizations have different use cases. Just because the technology was successfully implemented a certain way in one organization, does not mean it will work for you and your customers. Receiving feedback allows you to manage your new implementation to ensure it is functioning in the most beneficial way for your organization and its unique use case.

The Importance Benchmarking Your New Technology Implementation

Setting clearly defined goals for what your new solution should accomplish will provide you with a picture of what success looks like. This will also enable you to measure the success of your new implementation. By tracking the benchmarks for your new solution, you will be able to manage the adoption of the tool, see how it is increasing revenue, and what improvements it has made to the customer experience.

Drive Customer Adoption

Implementing a new solution with the potential to significantly improve operational efficiencies is great, but low customer adoption is one of the biggest barriers to success.

With enterprise appointment scheduling, you will be able to track how many of your appointments are directed through which channels, and exactly where your customers are dropping off the line in the appointment booking journey. Understanding where friction points exist in the customer journey will help you figure out what needs tweaking to capture more appointments and increase adoption.

Capturing analytics will allow your organization to see how well your customers have adopted your new solution. On average, Coconut Software customers have noticed an increase of 41% of appointments scheduled through their new, online portal.

Increase Growth with Cross-Enterprise Visibility

If you are an appointment-driven business, you rely on customers to schedule appointments with your organization to drive revenue. With enterprise appointment scheduling, you can accurately track the number of appointments scheduled, and see their status, whether completed, canceled or no-show. This will allow your organization to maintain cross-enterprise oversight of key appointment metrics that will impact revenue projections, workforce decisions, and other important strategic considerations.

Coconut customers have experienced a 12.5% increase in the number of appointments being booked with their organization. By tracking the number of appointments booked, you will be able to see the increase in revenue that your new scheduling solution has contributed to your organization.

Improve the Customer Experience

If you are an appointment driven business, your operational processes will affect the quality of service you provide to your customers.

With an appointment scheduling solution, you will be able to track the satisfaction of each customer regarding their experience with your organization. Since enterprise appointment scheduling is a customer-facing solution, you can receive direct feedback about the experience your new solution provides, and get feedback on what can be improved.

Providing a personalized service is one way your organization can show your customers you value them, such as sending personalized reminders for upcoming appointments. Coconut customers have experienced a 23% decrease in no-show appointments through tracking their appointment analytics. This allows your organization to see how these personalized reminders perform, which directly affects the customer experience.

How Coconut Helps You Manage Your Benchmarks

At Coconut, our onboarding team is dedicated to providing our customers with a personalized implementation process to ensure you receive the most out of your scheduling solution.

During the implementation process, our onboarding staff will discuss current challenges and overall goals with the stakeholders involved in the roll-out of your new solution to understand and help create your unique workflow.

With the information about your unique use case and challenges you are hoping to address, we will help you set realistic benchmarks for your new solution. And, moving forward, our customer success team is available to help you track and manage your goals and metrics after you go live, through tutorials on how to use our platform reporting tool, and conducting bi-weekly meetings.

By tracking the benchmarks of your new solution, you will give yourself peace of mind knowing you chose the best solution for your organization and that it is delivering business results against your KPIs.

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