Top 3 Credit Union Scheduling Pain Points

Top 3 Credit Union Scheduling Pain Points

Depending on the size of a credit union, scheduling pain points arise for both advisors and members when it comes to their appointment management system. Pain points generally culminate around staffing requirements, research and preparation and system limitations. These pain points lead to unproductive meetings with members, missed meetings and lost time and revenue for the credit union.

We’ve recently compiled the top 3 scheduling pain points that we have come across in meetings with our credit union clients over the past year. Additionally, we’ve highlighted the ways that enterprise appointment software addresses these issues, leading to less missed and more productive meetings.

Credit Union – Top 3 Scheduling Pain Points

1. Establish the Omni Channel

Within the Credit Union industry, the idea of the omnichannel is very important. Credit Unions understand that their members are diverse and prefer a choice for how they interact with its advisors. In order to create a fully optimized omnichannel experience, Credit Unions are looking to offer an opportunity at every level of their member interaction to book an advisor meeting. This means, over the phone, in person and online.

Credit Union’s currently have a tried and true model when it comes to in branch and contact center interactions. What ends up being the missing piece is a quality digital option to help your members connect with your team. With online appointment scheduling, Credit Unions are able to empower their members by allowing them to select the branch and meeting time that works best for them. It creates efficiencies and a seamless experience for all involved.

2. Visibility of Resources and Expertise across the Branches

The ability to provide a visual of which advisors can perform specific services within each branch has been very difficult for tellers, members and contact center agents to book appointments in real-time.

Real-time online scheduling maps out which advisors are certified to perform what services at which branch, creating a simple online view and scheduling ability for your members, branch staff and contact center.

3. Wait Times and Hold Times

Credit Unions are challenged with longer than desired wait times for contact center and walk in traffic. These wait times are resulting in frustration from its members, busy lobbies and potential missed opportunities to connect with drop-off and walk out traffic.

Online scheduling creates visibility into the advisor’s real-time schedule, alleviating wait times and spreading traffic within the branch across more time slots.

On very busy walk in days, providing times to meet with your advisors is convenient to your members and respects everyone’s time. Automated reminder messages reduces no shows, eliminates wait times and increases your member experience.

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