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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Mar 10, 2019

6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website Calls-To-Action to Increase Appointment Volume and Revenue

In our last blog, we discussed how to increase the probability of customers successfully booking an appointment with your organization, by reducing the number of steps it takes to complete a call-to-action. To drive even more revenue-generating appointments through calls-to-action on your website, your organization can use appointment booking software to eliminate friction, track and […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Feb 20, 2019

How to Instantly Drive More Revenue-Generating Appointments with Calls-to-Action

As a marketer at a financial institution, you’re looking for a new channel to drive appointment leads to fill your pipeline. More and more, you’ve observed that your customers are looking to connect with your organization online, through a number of channels–mobile app, website, — and booking appointments is no exception. Customer behaviour has evolved, and […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Feb 13, 2019

How to attract and retain the millennial customer

Face-to-face customer interactions are how business is done in banks and credit unions, and they are necessary to complete many of the services these organizations offer.  The current challenge for many banks and credit unions is, how do you attract and retain customers who want to minimize their interactions with your organization, and crave an […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Feb 6, 2019

Schedule customer onboarding to reduce churn

Increasing sales of your business products are great, but how successful are increased sales if customer churn rises with them? When customers buy a new product promising increased operational efficiencies within their organization, they sometimes forgo the onboarding process because they do not have the time, or they were not aware that onboarding for their […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Jan 30, 2019

The benefits of scheduling appointments to increase business revenue

Credit unions and banks rely on generating revenue through their appointments, making it crucial that your organization maximizes these interactions to get the most value out of this customer touchpoint.     An appointment is an appointment, right? Actually, there is a big difference between a walk-in and a scheduled appointment in terms of revenue generation. […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Jan 23, 2019

Track the success of your marketing campaigns

How is your organization measuring where new opportunities are being generated from?  If you’re not tracking the CTAs used in your marketing campaigns then you can’t measure the impact of your efforts.   Tracking appointment generation is a key inbound lead touchpoint which can be captured when tracking your organization’s marketing campaigns.  Through collecting data […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Jan 4, 2019

The importance of customer journey mapping before implementing your new technology solution

Implementing new technology is a huge undertaking, and when the solution is customer-facing, you want the rollout to be as seamless as possible.  One of the ways you can ensure your front-end technology performs from the get-go is to map out the customer journey with your new solution at the beginning of the implementation process. […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Dec 26, 2018

Banking Initiatives for 2019

On average, banks have become bigger, more profitable and better capitalized over the last decade, but what is the key to their success? The digital transformation in the financial services industry has allowed the customer experience and operational processes to be greatly enhanced in many financial institutions, leading to their increasing success. What can we […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Dec 19, 2018

The Importance of Setting Benchmarks for your New Implementation

Going through the process of choosing and then implementing a new technology solution is no small feat. You want to ensure that, once implemented, your new solution delivers measurable results against your organization’s KPIs. One way to ensure you are getting the best ROI from your new appointment scheduling solution is to set benchmarks during […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Best Practices - Dec 5, 2018

The Importance of Investing in a Training Program for your New Technology Solution

Organizations go through the process of identifying the issues affecting their operational processes, acquiring buy-in from decision makers and assembling their implementation squad, however, what good is it doing all the right things while failing to invest in team training with your technology vendor? Implementing new technology is great, but if you don’t know how […]

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