By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers Development - Jan 10, 2019

The importance of providing real-time services to your customers

Did you know 80% of customers drop off the line when placed on hold for over 1 minute to schedule an appointment?  Your customers’ time is valuable and one way to show you value their time is by providing an efficient customer journey with your organization.  As an appointment driven business, it is crucial you […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers - Sep 19, 2018

Help Enhance Traditional Channels by Digitizing your Contact Center

It’s no longer a matter of “if” banks will become fully digital, but “when”.  But the prospect of a digital transformation in the financial services industry does not necessarily mean the end of all traditional customer experience channels, like call centers. In fact, using technology to improve the communications channels that are already in use […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers - Jul 4, 2018

Dealing with Call Center Problems? Here’s how an Integrated Appointment Solution can Help

According to Forrester, there is an increase in call volume expected to occur over the next 12 months. To accommodate this increase, 46% of global contact center decision makers project their contact center will grow by 5% to 10%. While some operations executives and call center managers are scrambling to increase call center headcount, this only solves […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers - Jun 20, 2018

How to Improve Call Center Customer Service Issues that are Costing you Money

Many businesses are realizing that improving the customer experience is critical to success, and are beginning to streamline their online channels to provide better service to their client base.  For appointment-driven organizations, the booking process is one of the most important touchpoints. As a consumer, it’s becoming easier and easier to book an appointment with […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers - May 14, 2018

3 Ways to Improve Call Center Performance

Call centers can be a point of contention. On the one hand, they are the best way to manage customer calls, quickly find out what they’re looking for and guide them over the phone rather than in person. On the other hand, hold times can be agitating for customers and keeping the agents trained on […]

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