By Kelly Wilson in Features - Jan 16, 2019

The Importance of Partnering With a Vendor That Supports Custom Branding

Have you ever visited a company website, clicked on a link from a call to action, and been redirected over to a web page that no longer looked or felt like the brand? If so, did you continue along the customer journey? Or did you bounce? Inconsistent branding can lead to brand confusion as well […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Features - Dec 12, 2018

Why Integrate Your Scheduling Solution with CRM?

You might be considering enterprise appointment scheduling to solve slow operational processes resulting from disjointed appointment booking applications in your organization. Depending on how you choose to integrate your new scheduling solution with your organization’s existing processes, it may require employees to go through the time consuming and error-prone process of duplicate customer data entry […]

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Coconut Software - Blog - Flexible API - 1
By Kelly Wilson in Features - Nov 14, 2018

Customizable Solutions v.s. Cookie-Cutter Integration

When searching for a new technology solution, it can be difficult to decide whether your business needs a cookie-cutter integration or the additional benefits that come with a customizable software solution. The first step is to evaluate the issues your organization is experiencing to better understand what kind of solution you need. After isolating and […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Background 11
By Kelly Wilson in Features - Jul 25, 2018

‘Personalized Service’ for Appointment-Driven Businesses

Think back to the last time you interacted with your bank, or credit union. Was it easy to get in touch? Did the organization recognize who you were–online or over the phone–and make you feel like a valued customer? How fast and easy was it to do business? These are all potential points of friction […]

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Coconut Software Blog Hero 6
By Kelly Wilson in Features - Nov 29, 2017

Coconut Software App Provides Scheduling On The Go

The Coconut Mobile App is now available for both iOS and Android. The app was designed to provide a better mobile experience for our clients to manage their schedules remotely. Coconut Software is always looking for new opportunities to elevate customer experience and ensure a seamless user experience. Mobile technology has enabled businesses to offer […]

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Coconut Software - Blog - Increase Password Security
By Chris Powell in Features - Aug 29, 2017

Coconut Softwares Increased Password Security

Coconut has increased its password security, with an update to the privacy requirements and I want to explain why. We had fairly weak password requirements, and we’ve been lucky that nothing bad ever came of it. But over the past few months we’ve really prioritized privacy and security, and one of the first things we […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Features - Jul 21, 2015

Reporting Overview | Wait List Requests, Summary by Client & Location Reports

New Reports are now Available You asked and we listened. Our goal is to ensure you have the tools you need to track important analytics in a user-friendly, simple and accessible solution. Wait List Request Report Enables users to export a list of customers who are on the wait list. Users now have the ability to […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Features - Feb 18, 2015

Our New Facelift!

We didn’t go under the knife but our Client View did! Last week we announced we were releasing a new client view and now it is your turn to try it out! Our new booking tool isn’t just an improvement in the looks department, we made sure that behind the pretty face is increased usability, faster loading […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Features - Sep 24, 2014

I’m Spilling the Beans!

I was sitting in a lunch & learn earlier today and I wasn’t able to really pay attention, so I decided to write this post instead. I did have two very good reasons for why this post occupied my attention and not the lunch & learn. First of all, I’m too excited about our new […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Features - Sep 25, 2013

Smashing New Schedule Page

Coconut Calendar – Major Update Tonight, which is September 25th, we will be updating Coconut Calendar with a new Scheduling Page.   Week View ( Click on image to see changes )   Day View ( Click on image to see changes )   Benefits include: An increased number of available times will display on the screen, […]

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