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Accelerate the appointment booking process.

Improve scheduling inefficiencies and save time by allowing contact centers to manage all the schedules with real-time availability on one screen, centralizing appointment management.

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Reduce Handle Time

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Decrease Contact Center Headcount

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Enable contact center representatives to easily book appointments across locations, services and staff schedules in just a few clicks.

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All appointment data. One platform

Representatives can quickly access customer profiles, different brands and accounts, to make any necessary adjustments if a customer calls to cancel or reschedule.


Match customer needs to advisor skill-set in real-time

Representatives filter based on location & services to show times available only to those who match the criteria. So the appointment is always booked with someone with the required qualifications.


Capture information ahead of time

Customize pre-set questions by service type to prompt representatives during the booking process, so that you can gain valuable customer insights and offer better appointments.

How it Works

Step 1

A customer calls the contact center to book an appointment.

Instead of accessing multiple applications, representatives can book or edit any appointment with just a few clicks.

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Step 2

Contact center agent prompts customer to share the purpose for their appointment, then filters on location, service & availability.

If customers call back to cancel and/or reschedule their appointment, the contact center representatives can quickly access the booking to make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3

Contact Center representative books the appointment.

Step 4

Customer receives confirmation of their appointment by email and/or SMS appointment, customized with your branding.

Branch staff member receives notification of the appointment with details so they can begin to prepare for the meeting ahead of time.

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Coconut Software has transformed call center operations for us, allowing our agents to see who is available at each location and efficiently book appointments with the appropriate specialist. By including an email reminder, we ensure our members know exactly when and where their meeting is and what to bring to the appointment.

Ellen Crowder

MemberLine Supervisor, TCU Financial Group

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The Ultimate Guide to Contact Center Efficiencies

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In this guide, we’ll tackle what may be broken in your current contact center appointment booking process; some common appointment booking issues in your contact center and branch locations; and 5 Ways to Streamline your Appointment Booking Process.

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