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Coconut delivers a personalized and seamless engagement for the customer. Resulting in higher satisfaction scores, lower churn, and higher profits.

Coconut Software - Branch Experience - Drive More Appointments

Drive More Appointments

Coconut Software - Branch Experience - Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Coconut Software - Branch Experience - Decrease No Shows

Decrease No-Shows

Your Customers Need More Options

Implementing a self-serve booking channel and accepting appointments around the clock will give your appointment volume a boost.

With all staff schedules, locations, and services streamlined in one central platform, self-serve customers are provided with more options, filtered to accommodate to their needs.

Provide a more personalized service up-front and instantly remove friction from the appointment booking process.

71% of millennials prefer to schedule meetings online and receive digital reminders than to book an appointment by phone.

An Effortless OmniChannel Experience

Create a unique customer journey across all channels. Whether it be the contact center, your mobile app, or directly with your staff member – capture, centralize and create consistency for an intelligent customer experience.

How it Works

Step 1

Customers click on a link to book an appointment, anytime, on any device, and from any channel–your website, social media, even from your staff’s email signature.

Step 2

Customers select the purpose for their appointment, identify the closest location (unless it’s a virtual meeting), choose a time that’s convenient and a staff member with the required credentials.

Automated Touch Points: Customized & Branded

Step 3

Immediately after booking, the customer receives a branded email confirmation and are offered the option to add the appointment to their personal calendar.

The customer can always revisit the booking confirmation email to cancel and/or reschedule their appointment.

Step 4

Before the appointment, customers will receive one or multiple branded reminders (text, email) encouraging them to come prepared with any documents they may need at their appointment.


Step 5

On the day of the appointment, a text message is sent to the customer with with an option to check-in.

Customer checks-in on arrival and staff is notified.

Step 6

Customers meet with a staff member who understands the purpose of the appointment and is prepared in advance to address their needs.

Step 7

Customers receive an automated follow-up email, giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on the appointment experience.

The Coconut team makes communications and project management simple and efficient. They provide thought leadership, options, and flexibility. Since 2010, they have delivered what they say they will. They’re always on time, and on budget.

Allison Hayes

Marketing Manager, TELUS

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