Appointment Scheduling Features


Enterprise Ready

With over 10 years experience, Coconut ensures enterprises can create the most appointments in the least amount of time. Our domain expertise derives from our outstanding partnerships with some of the worlds leading firms, such as TELUS, Jackson Hewitt, Rogers. 

Our team will assist you through the entire process and roll out a strong plan that meets your unique needs to ensure a successful outcome for your organization. 


Single Sign On

Manage users from a centralized authority.


Cloud Based Hosting.

White Label

Increase brand recognition with tailored branding of the customer booking tool and email notification.

Multi Brand & Locations

Centralize all brands and locations within one system and assign staff member accordingly.

2-Way Calendar Sync

Avoid double bookings by integrating 2-way calendar sync with Outlook and Google.

Role Based Access Control

Allow administrators to assign roles with different access based on job functionality.

Metrics & Performance Reporting

Receive valuable staff and customer data through centralized reporting to help measure location and staff productivity.

Multiple Text and Email Reminders

Reduce no-shows and increase business by automatically sending multiple reminders.

SLA & Support

Exceptional support with a dedicated customer success team.