ROI Calculator

Coconut Software’s Appointment ROI Calculator

What Is the Value of an Appointment?


How We Calculate Appointment ROI

Based on our own internal data combined with the results of surveys we’ve conducted with our financial services, banking and credit union customers, we’ve created an ROI calculator that provides you with the monthly and annual revenue increases we’ve seen based on increased advisor appointments and reduced no show appointments made possible through enterprise appointment schedule software.

ROI Form Guidelines:

  • Assumed Close Amount: For this calculation, we’ve decided to make the average close amount $20,000. This is based on the average meetings we’ve seen from the financial services industry
  • Average Number of Appointments per Month: This is the average number of appointments you see across all advisors and branches.
  • Current No Show Rate: This is the percentage of booked meetings that do not take place because the customer does not show up at the agreed upon time. We’ve typically seen an average of 20% in the financial services industry.
  • Average Close Rate: Out of the appointments that do take place, how many end with the investment being made on the customers end? The industry average is 60%.