Building a long-term digital transformation strategy still matters. But how easy or difficult it is for clients to find, meet, and consult with your financial experts today will significantly impact your institutional growth tomorrow. Yet, it’s one of the least valued, least examined, and least optimized processes at most FIs.

Discover how clients interact with their bank or credit union for high-value financial products and services (like mortgages, loans, wealth management, etc.)

This report covers performance benchmarks, key trends, and data-backed insights financial institutions should know about their appointment experience (both in-person and online)—and how it impacts client satisfaction, staff performance, and their growth outlook for the year ahead.

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Early Benchmarking Trends Preview 


Of financial institutions handle 75 appointments or more per month at each branch.

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Of financial institutions have dedicated appointment and queuing software.

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Of operations and experience staff ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ with job.

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Watch the Benchmark Report Preview

Listen to Aaron Young, SVP Branch Operations/Retail Banking at CU SoCal and Christine Matu, VP Product Marketing at Coconut Software as they discuss:

  • In-depth benchmarks to measure their bank or credit union’s performance against
  • How top-tier institutions create a best-in-class experience—both online and off
  • Key technology investments that have an impact on client and staff satisfaction
  • The top trends expected to impact industry growth and competition in the year ahead


🥥 Unlock appointment experience benchmarks all financial institutions need to know about and see how your financial institution stacks up  🥥