Nearly half of consumers plan to keep talking to financial advisors over video post-pandemic—and 36% say video is now their preferred medium.

Is your institution ready to meet them virtually?

Whether you’ve got video options in place, or you want to learn how to get started, this webinar will show you how to meet client demands for video appointments. Experts at Coconut Software will walk you through building and executing a video banking strategy that’ll enhance the meeting experience and help staff better serve your customers and members.

Topics & Timestamps

03:25 | Why Video Banking, Why Now
06:30 | 5 Video Banking Strategy Elements
07:15 | Creating Video Options for Clients
18:55 | Getting Stakeholder Buy-in
32:05 | Choosing the Right Tools
38:48 | Having a Smooth Implementation
48:48 | How to Measure Video Banking Success

Key Learnings and Takeaways

This webinar offers helpful tips and checklists for success at every stage of the video banking journey, including:

  • The benefits of offering video appointments
  • Ideas for using video to elevate the client experience and drive growth
  • How to get stakeholder buy-in across teams
  • Technology recommendations
  • Tips for ensuring a smooth internal and external roll out
  • The top metrics to measure video success

Free Guide: The Video Banking Playbook

Learn how to implement video calls—or improve your existing video strategy—with this helpful guide full of advice from successful financial institutions.

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