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By Suchet Randhawa in - Aug 27, 2019

[Webcast] Embracing a Customer-First Mindset: Eliminating Friction Points in your Customer Multi-Channel Journey

Learn how evolving customer expectations, increased competition & new technology trends are disrupting the financial industry.

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Coconut Software - Live Product Demo - An Omnichannel Strategy to Drive More Traffic to your Website
By Suchet Randhawa in - Aug 23, 2019

Live Product Demo: An Omnichannel Strategy to Drive More Traffic to your Branches

Join us for a live demo of our true omnichannel solution, and discover how to increase efficiency and remove friction across all customer facing channels.

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By John Schoeler in - Apr 3, 2019

Webinar Replay: How to Assess Your Customer Effort and its Impact on Your Sales Funnel

In this webinar, we go over what a Customer Effort Score (CES) is, why it is important, how it impacts sales and how you can both assess and improve your own score.

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