Simplify Complex Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling & Visitor Management

Manage multiple locations, services, staff, skill sets, schedules, languages spoken, appointment instructions (curbside pick up, in store shopping) and more.

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Engagement across all channels

Provide An Effortless Omnichannel Experience

Contact center, mobile app, website or at your store – create a consistent customer journey across all your engagement channels while capturing and centralizing data.


Gain Real-Time Business Intelligence

Plan and manage the future of your retail business with more visibility into performance through real-time insights on everything from in-store productivity to customer satisfaction.

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Tailored Services

Maintain Your Brand on Every Channel

Together we will design your very own unique customer-facing booking flow and confirmation emails that align with your branding guidelines and vocabulary.

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Integrations & APIs

Streamline & Optimize Existing Systems

Supporting most popular integrations and boasting a published API and custom integration support, Coconut can be configured to fit right in with your existing systems.

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Onboarding & Support

Enjoy a Fast Implementation Experience

Our responsive, diligent team will quickly lead you from customer journey mapping to implementation with a tried-and-true collaborative process that requires little IT resources on your end.

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Privacy & Security

Provide Data Protection at Every Level

Along with custom deployment and single sign-on options, we adhere to industry-leading standards and have implemented specific measures to protect both your customers’ data and your own.

Privacy & Security