Manage Your Business with More Visibility

Implementing Coconut Software’s enterprise appointment scheduling platform will not only help you centralize appointment management and open up an online booking channel but give you real-time access to business intelligence to inform the direction of your appointment-driven business.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Tracking key performance indicators in daily, monthly, and annual reporting will help you and your executive team plan the future of your appointment-driven business more strategically.


Consider the value of having visibility into the following appointment metrics:
  • Productivity per advisor
  • Call handle time
  • Number of no-shows, cancelled, completed appointments
  • Appointment conversion rate by product, service, staff, branch
  • Revenue generated per appointment
  • Trends in customers appointment booking (times, days, months)
  • Customer appointment satisfaction rates by staff, branch

Optimize Your Appointment Sales Funnel

  • Understand the performance of different appointment booking channels
  • Analyze appointment conversion rate by product, service, staff, branch
  • Measure average revenue generated per appointment per branch
  • Compare staff performance by appointment volume and revenue generated for training purposes
Streamline your Operations with Coconut

Streamline Operations

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiencies

  • Anticipate upcoming appointment volume to make better workforce decisions
  • Decrease staff idle time with foresight into no-shows and cancelled appointments
  • Strategize based on trends in customer appointment booking (times, days, months)
  • Reduce call centre headcount with greater operational efficiencies

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