Manage Your Business with More Visibility

Capture and analyze data from every facet of the customer journey through centralized reporting

Real-time Insights

Clear View of Your KPIs

Track key performance indicators with daily, monthly, and annual reporting to gain a strategic advantage in planning for the future.

Optimization Made Easy

Understand location, staff, and service performance, allowing for smarter, simpler optimization.

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

Anticipate upcoming appointment volume, no-show and cancellation rates, as well as complex in-branch traffic patterns for more effective capacity planning.

Appointment & Walk-ins Overview

Coconut Insights Appointment Reporting

Track trends over time, highlight key stats, as well as identify leaders across the organization.

Gain visibility into the following  metrics:

  • Number of no-shows, cancelled, completed, confirmed appointments
  • Average number of appointments per location and staff
  • Average lead time for booking
  • Location, staff and service performance
  • Average walk-in wait time
  • Average walk-in handle time
  • Average walk-in abandonment time

Insights Reports

The Insights Reports give you a deep dive into your data.

Appointments by Location – Compare location performance through the number of completed appointments.

Appointments by Service – See how popular each service is, and identify potential problem services.

Appointments by Staff – Easily see how staff perform across the organization.

Appointments by Booker – Track your staff’s adoption of Coconut through the number of appointments they book.

Lobby Walk-ins by Location – Compare wait time across locations and identify historically busy days.


Lobby Walk-ins by Service – See how long each service is actually taking through the average handle time.

Lobby Walk-ins by Staff – Track staff performance through handle time and throughput.

Appointments by Service and Location – Break down a location’s performance by service.

Appointments by Staff and Location – Compare a staff across their
different locations.

Appointments by Staff and Service – Break down a staff’s engagements across their different services.

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You won’t believe that you ever survived without these insights into the ROI of appointments.

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