When TELUS Mobility was looking to streamline the customer experience by implementing new Learning Center program in 2010, they looked to Coconut Software. Offering the ideal mix of simplicity for customers, paired with the ability to fit seamlessly into their own existing internal operations processes, Coconut Software proved to be the perfect match. So much so that after the success of their Learning Centers, they opted to roll out TELUS Appointments nationwide.

Throughout the entire process, Coconut Software worked closely in tandem with TELUS teams in order to ensure a smooth rollout, offering expert advice and constantly working to ensure that every aspect of the solution was tailored to fit the unique requirements of such a large scale implementation. Delivered on time and on budget, the new solution now allows customers to reach out for service quickly and easily, providing an increase in customer adoption while allowing the company to differentiate themselves in the competitive telecommunications landscape.

Watch the video to hear how the passionate team of experts at Coconut Software helped TELUS to bring the customer experience to the next level, and discover more about how they could do the same for your organization.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Regnier (CEO & Founder, Coconut Software):

Online appointment scheduling is that immediate connection between customers and your business. Everywhere you look you see these self-serve methods being offered. Whether it’s booking an appointment with your hair stylist, or reserving that appointment time to pick up your next smartwatch, it’s obvious appointment scheduling is here to stay. And Coconut Software is the technology to get those customers in the door.

Wendy Betteridge (Marketing Manager, TELUS):

At TELUS we have made it our mission to put customers first. We’ve implemented innovative programs to support this initiative, like TELUS Learning Centers and TELUS Appointments. Both of these programs require a sophisticated software solution that is simple for our customers to use, and customized to fit internal operations.

Katherine Regnier:

When you match a corporation with great vision along with the right technology company to execute that vision, something very powerful happens. Many business partners have seen an increase in customer adoption as well as in their survey scores. And even more importantly, when you allow customers to book online, you’re then differentiating yourself amongst this competitive landscape. This really is going to set you apart from the rest.

Let’s just look at what TELUS has done.

Romeo Lula (Director of Development, Coconut Software):

Our partnership with TELUS begin in 2010. They needed our help to create a scheduling system to support their Learning Centers. Something they hadn’t done before. We were ready for the challenge and prepared to lead, innovate, and execute.


The system is user-friendly, branded, bilingual, flexible, and integrated with our internal reporting portal to provide up-to-date results.


Based on the success of their Learning Centers, TELUS began thinking bigger eventually rolling out TELUS Appointments nationally. This allows customers to book an appointment to buy or repair device in store.

Alisson Hayes (Product Manager, TELUS):

The Coconut Software team makes communications and project management simple and efficient. When we have a question or request, we have a single point of contact who’s fast to respond and really pleasant to work with. It helps that their team is agile, ready and equipped to respond to all of our changes.


We aren’t your typical vendor. I like to think of us as an extension to your existing company. In the end we have the same goals: to introduce a centralized customer oriented scheduling solution.

Alisson Hayes (Product Manager, TELUS):

They’ve helped me facilitate technical conversations with IT that ultimately led to a successful resolution. They know what it means to work with a large team in different areas of our business. This is just one of many examples of how they really go above and beyond to provide support and we’re truly grateful for that.

We will definitely continue to consult with Coconut Software as we evolve our TELUS programs. Their team has provided thought leadership and are excellent at providing us with options and flexibility to meet many of our business needs.


TELUS is a forward-thinking company, and they push the limits of technology.

Alisson Hayes:

The team welcomes these new opportunities and challenges. They always deliver what they say they will on-time and on-budget. It’s really nice knowing when a vendor has your best interests at heart.


Since 2007, our team has been focused on creating online appointment scheduling solutions for corporations. We totally understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to bring all these various channels together under one roof.

A solution like Coconut Software impacts so many different facets of your business. With our extensive knowledge, we’ll be able to help point out all those things you’re not going to think of. We will work with you to put together a blueprint to create a highly impactful initiative.

In fact, that’s why we’re here

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