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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - FB Consumer Study Highlights
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience - Jul 10, 2019

2019 Future Branches Consumer Study: Highlights From the Report

Digital banking is on the rise, and the role of the branch is evolving. View how with highlights from the 2019 Future Branches Consumer Study.

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Steps to Improving Operational Efficiency
By Sean Wilson in Operations - Jul 3, 2019

3 Steps to Improving Operational Efficiency

From your employees, to your customers, to the data that ties them together, discover how to identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies in 3 steps.

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Learnings from the Bank of Amazon
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience - Jun 21, 2019

4 Customer Experience Lessons Banks & Credit Unions Can Learn From Amazon

From data utilization to partnerships, Amazon reigns supreme in customer experience. With a ‘Bank of Amazon’ on the horizon, it’s time to take notes.

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Coconut Software - Blog - Digital Transformation
By Kelly Wilson in Digital Innovation - Jun 13, 2019

6 Steps to a Successful Technology Implementation Process

What can you do to ensure a smooth technology implementation process? Coconut Software has the 6 best steps to ensure a successful implementation.

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By Kelly Wilson in Customer Experience Marketing Operations - May 15, 2019

3 Digital Banking Initiatives to Increase Branch Traffic

Streamline workflows, boost loyalty, and increase productivity. Discover how appointment management solutions eliminate operational inefficiencies.

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Coconut Software - Blog - Financial Boomer Crisis
By Sean Wilson in Digital Innovation - May 7, 2019

Strategies for the Impending Baby Boomer Crisis

Explore the boomer issues presented in a recent Financial Brand article, & how Coconut’s customer experience software fits into the marketing strategy.

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Walk-In Appointment Journey
By Kelly Wilson in Operations - May 2, 2019

Manage the Walk-In Appointment Journey

Give your customer experience and branch performance a boost with Coconut Lobby Management. The ‘phigital’ solution to mapping the customer journey.

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Banking on Millennials Header
By Suchet Randhawa in Customer Experience Marketing - Apr 29, 2019

Banking on Millennials

Everyone wants to get in on the booming millennial generation and their precious dollars, but how? As the financial needs of millennials continue to rise, you need to be ready to provide quality service through the channels they prefer. But the question is, what do they prefer? And have you changed your strategy to cater […]

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Coconut Software Background 16
By Sean Wilson in Digital Innovation - Apr 24, 2019

5 Things Financial Institutions Forget During a Digital Transformation

Make your digital initiatives work for you, not against you. Check our top 5 digital transformation errors and how Coconut Software can help you avoid them.

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Coconut Software - Self-Service
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience Operations - Apr 9, 2019

Balancing Millennials and Boomers in a Self-Service Era

When banks and credit unions discuss the industry’s current digital transformation and its push toward a more comprehensive mobile and online experience, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about it as a service that solely caters to the Millennial mindset. As discussed on our previous post on attracting Millennial clients, the ability to view real-time […]

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