Removing Friction from the Customer-Enterprise Engagement

Man Jane

Meet Jane

She needs to book an appointment to discuss mortgages at her bank.

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Part 1: Phone Call

Jane is put on hold while the agent refers to two screens and multiple schedules to identify staff expertise, calendars, and locations.

Hi, I need to make an appointment with a mortgage advisor in Toronto, early September.

Hello? What’s your name? Are you already a customer?... Ok, just hold on, let’s see what we have open...

Jane is put on hold while the agent refers to 2 screens and a sheaf of paper schedules to identify staff expertise, calendars, locations.

5 minutes pass.

Meanwhile, a call queue is forming.

Jane gets frustrated waiting and hangs up.

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Is your contact center’s booking process causing:

  • Long hold times?
  • High call volume?
  • High call drop-off rates?
  • Customer frustration and poor customer experience?

You need to accelerate the booking process and reduce call handle time.

Learn more about the Contact Center Experience.

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Part 2: Online Booking

It’s Jane again, still trying to book an appointment with her bank.

She’s having a busy day, and really would rather book an appointment online as quickly as possible.

I can schedule massages online, order groceries and buy flights...why not book an appointment with my bank?’s a link.

Jane finally finds an appointment booking form on her bank’s website. It’s really long.

5 mins later Jane finished filling out the form which has asked her for a million pieces of information which she is certain her bank already knows about her. She hits ‘submit’.

Finally, her appointment is booked!

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Finally, her appointment is booked!

Or is it? Jane doesn’t receive a confirmation email. Or a calendar invite. Does she have an appointment booked or was it all a dream?

... Should I go to the appointment?

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Are your customers struggling to hold appointments with you?

  • Do you have a high no-show rate?
  • Do you know where you are losing customers in the booking funnel?
  • Do you offer the option to book online?
  • Do you offer a true omni-channel experience?

You need to remove friction from the customer booking experience.

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Part 3: Brick and Mortar

The appointment day comes, and still no reminder comes from Jane’s bank. She decides to head to the branch anyways.


She arrives at the branch, but no one has any record of her appointment or the information submitted.

Man on the desk

For the third time, I need to book an appointment to talk about mortgage rates!


Jane is sent away to come back in 45 mins when a mortgage advisor is available.

Finally, Jane sits down with an advisor to chat about mortgages. The advisor helpfully answers her questions, but the awful appointment booking process she just experienced has left a bad taste in her mouth and she’s considering changing banks.

Jane on the table

Are your branches struggling with:

  • Managing walk-in traffic?
  • Increasing advisor productivity?
  • Generating more revenue?
  • Appointment quality?

You need to increase appointment volume and improve branch efficiencies.

Learn more about the Branch Experience.


Jane just had the worst time trying to book an appointment with her bank, but sadly, we’ve all been there.

If your organization and your customers are experiencing some of these challenges across the appointment lifecycle, it may be time to implement an appointment management solution.