Two Halves Don’t Make a Whole: Marrying Your Branch & Digital Transformation Strategies

In recent years, many financial institutions have raced to create digital-only experiences that shift their clients away from physical channels. The result? “CX quality [dropped] for most FIs, and clients’ trust [fell] for the first time since 2018,” according to Forrester. While digital channels are important, over-rotating on them can be a serious mistake.

To satisfy customers in today’s market, FIs need a strategy that marries digital transformation and branch transformation. Customers are overwhelmingly happier when their banks and credit unions adopt a hybrid strategy—one that gives them self-serve options for simple transactions but still offers easy access to real humans for financial advice.

What You’ll Learn


Discover the hybrid transformation adoption curve and learn where FIs currently sit within it


How to ensure your digital and branch transformation journeys work together to achieve your collective goals


Tips and insights on how to create experiences at ease and ensure your digital channels feels like an extension of your branch

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar, where industry leader Aaron Young (SVP Branch Operations/Retail Banking from the Credit Union of Southern California) and Jim Marous give in-depth insights into marrying branch and digital transformation strategies to develop a best in class hybrid strategy. Aaron shares insider details around CU SoCal’s transformation, learnings along the way, what it’s meant for their members and some results they’ve seen thus far.


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For your customers and members, getting financial advice can feel like navigating a vast ocean. The right experience, however, can feel like catching a tailwind—a helpful gust of wind that effortlessly advances them forward. But if your experience is rife with friction, your customers might feel like they’re hitting a headwind—that is, wind blowing in the opposite direction and slowing them down.

So how do you make sure you’re helping—and not inadvertently hindering—your customers? The answer lies in a carefully crafted balance of digital and physical channels that meet customers wherever they are. But first, you must understand where your main points of friction are so you can effectively tackle them.

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