The demand for fast, humanized digital engagement has reached new heights—and is changing the financial services landscape. More than ever, customers have switched from wanting to visit a branch to connecting with a human representative via digital channels.

Financial Institutions that aren’t prepared to adapt to this new paradigm are at greater risk of losing both market share and the growth that these new channel engagement opportunities provide.

Hear how Katherine Regnier, CEO of Coconut Software, says banks and credit unions can bridge the gap between digital and physical client experiences to create a seamless experience customers crave on the Banking Transformed podcast with host Jim Marous.

Topics & Timestamps

01:50 | About Katherine and Coconut Software
03:18 | Rise in Consumer’s Digital Demands
06:34 | Balancing Costs and Quality Service
09:36 | Bringing The In-Person Experience Online
12:40 | Personalizing the Client Journey
19:07 | Giving Clients Choice Across Channels
22:35 | Meeting Demands with Staffing Challenges
27:08 | Implementation Hurdles to Avoid
33:10 | Market Opportunities and Future Trends

About Banking Transformed & Coconut Software

In each Banking Transformed podcast, host Jim Marous has candid conversations with the world’s foremost leaders on what it takes to transform financial institutions during an age of digital disruption. His guests discuss technology, channels, innovation, customer experience, leadership, culture and competitive forces that are changing the banking industry faster than ever before.

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