Make It Easier for Customers & Members to Join a Virtual Engagement

We’ve all been there. You go to join a meeting, then quickly realize you don’t have the right video conferencing app downloaded. So you scramble to download it, get frustrated and show up late.

Remove this friction from your virtual meeting experience. With Coconut Connect, customers and members can join a virtual appointment in one click, through a secure link that’s included in their appointment. No downloads. No scrambling.

Give Your Staff a Video Solution They’ll Actually Want to Use

Your advisors have a lot of tasks—and apps—to navigate during a virtual appointment. They need to verify ID, share documents, capture e-signatures and note next steps. All across different apps, while trying to deliver a great experience.

Give them a tool that reduces frustration, instead of adding to it. Enable your staff to launch a meeting, share documents, answer questions, collect e-signatures and review their customer/member’s history—without ever leaving their appointment screen.

Connect to Your Existing Tools

Staff don’t need another software app. They need easy access to the right ones when it counts. Reduce app fatigue by pulling together all of the tools they rely on to deliver a virtual appointment into one workflow.

With Coconut Connect you can use your existing e-signature and identity verification platforms. We’ll sync the data that matters behind the scenes, so your team can access everything they need through Coconut.

Find Opportunities & Efficiencies

Every financial institution is looking for ways to do more with less. Staffing shortages, reimagining the branch network and hybrid work models are new realities that are changing the way financial services are delivered. Give your team the flexibility to take appointments anywhere to make the most of their time.

Stay ahead of the curve with access to data that helps you understand which services are most popular and efficient. You’ll make better decisions about the services you offer, and the workforce you’ll need to support them.