Key Features

Lobby Queue Management

Intelligent Queuing System


Eliminate friction in the lobby by allowing customers to view real-time availability and join the appropriate queue instantly.

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Provide Accurate Wait Times

Our unique wait-time algorithm calculates highly reliable times based on pre-booked appointments, staff calendars, branch traffic, and other important factors.

Simplify Branch Management

Get a complete, real-time view of the branch for quick and efficient adjustments with insights into availability, engagements, wait times, and more.

Increase Customer Retention

Reduce service abandonment by prompting customers who can’t wait to book an appointment at an available time and date of their own choosing.

Queue Flow Management

Streamline Customer Traffic Flow

Customers can indicate that they have arrived for their appointment on the system, triggering an instant notification to be sent to staff, improving communication and decreasing member wait time in the lobby.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Track and measure branch and staff performance, as well as operations metrics including average handle and wait times across branch locations, allowing managers to make more informed decisions.

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