Anytime, Anywhere Appointment Scheduling

Let customers and members meet who they want, when, and where they want. Coconut’s real-time calendar system helps them book an appointment in just a few clicks—no lineups at a branch or back-and-forth on the phone needed.

With Coconut, staff get a clear view of their day and details about upcoming meetings, so they’re better prepared for every conversation. The result? Shorter meetings, better client experiences, and higher close rates.

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In-Branch Operations, Simplified

Manage the flow of walk-in traffic more easily with Coconut’s queue tracking system. Reduce wait times, streamline the sign-in experience, and pass quality referrals to advisors on-the-fly with a streamlined visitor management system.

Engage customers and members the second they step into your branch. Coconut’s digital lobby interface lets clients review wait times, add themselves to the queue, or book an appointment for later—without waiting in line.

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Easy, Secure Video Calls

Streamline the entire video meeting process from start to finish with Coconut Connect. From booking a virtual call to filing notes and following up, Connect takes the admin work out of video banking for staff (unlike conferencing software).

Plus, Connect’s in-call features—including identity verification, cobrowsing, esignature collection, and more—make finishing complex financial transactions fast and safe.

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Robust Cross-Channel Reporting

Bring your clients’ digital and walk-in appointment data together for a fuller picture of their journey with Coconut’s flexible reporting tools. Uncover new insights by seeing which locations, staff, services, and channels are the most popular.

You’ll also get a bird’s-eye view of walk-in traffic trends, no-show rates, and NPS. Now, you can staff branches appropriately, improve training where needed, and craft the best experiences for customers and members.

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On average, Coconut Software users enjoy results like a 21-point increase in customer or member NPS, a 75% reduction in appointment length, and a sharp rise in conversion rates.


“From a platform perspective, it’s easy, accessible, modern, and customizable. It really put us in the driver’s seat.”

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