Go From Guesswork to Growth, With Real-Time Reporting

Don’t let hunches guide your financial institution. With Coconut’s reporting tools, you can (finally!) track appointment metrics, walk-in traffic, no-show rates, and more. Forecast branch capacity, improve wait times, and drive staff performance—so you’re always cruising in the right direction.

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Utilization Reporting

See where your team spends their time and who’s overbooked. Then, adjust schedules—and get more out of your team.


Outcome Dashboards

See custom question responses collected during the booking flow to spot trends, like booking purpose and appointment outcomes.

Branch Traffic Insights

See how many clients visit a branch over time and the most popular times for a visit so you can prep your team and keep things flowing.

Data Syncing

Connect to data sources like Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud and Drive, SFTP, and webhooks for a full look at the client journey.

Smart Notifications

Get alerts when lead times are long, when you may be understaffed, and other events that may impact your client’s experience.

Custom Visualizations

Drill down into the details across any data set that’s collected in Coconut. Build your own visualizations and schedule recurring reports.


“It was very hard to predict when members were going to come in through the door, or predict how many staff members you needed on a daily basis. Coconut gives us the tools needed to try and predict our volume, and to be more efficient and better organized.”

Member Contact Center Manager, Rogue Credit Union

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