By Kelly Wilson in Call Centers Development - Jan 10, 2019

The importance of providing real-time services to your customers

Did you know 80% of customers drop off the line when placed on hold for over 1 minute to schedule an appointment?  Your customers’ time is valuable and one way to show you value their time is by providing an efficient customer journey with your organization.  As an appointment driven business, it is crucial you […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Nov 28, 2018

Importance of Partnering with a Vendor that Offers an Open API

When choosing a new third-party solution, you want to ensure it can provide you with all the benefits that allow your business to function at the highest level possible. One important feature when choosing an enterprise scheduling solution is an open application programming interface, also called an API. An API acts as a software bridge, […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Sep 12, 2018

Why Banks are not Keeping up with the Digital Transformation in their Industry

There is a major digital transition occurring in the financial services industry at the moment and some organizations are moving faster than others. Has your organization found itself falling behind in the banking technology rush?  In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why some banks, credit unions, and other financial services institutions have […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Aug 29, 2018

Digitize your Back-end Processes to Improve Customer Experience, Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

In the race towards the future of banking technology, organizations are scrambling to stay ahead of their competitors and offer customers the newest, most innovative technology to reduce churn.  However, 87% of financial organizations don’t believe their current core systems can keep pace with customer-facing initiatives.  And with 60% of customer dissatisfaction originating from the […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Aug 23, 2018

Improve Operations in your Organization through Digitizing Customer-facing Channels

Customer expectations are ever-increasing with the continuous introduction of new technologies.  Digitizing customer-facing channels to keep up with these expectations not only improves customer experience, but can also improve efficiencies on the operations side. Of course, introducing any new tool will involve internal change management, and a short period of adjustment and adoption for your […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Aug 15, 2018

Digitize Customer-facing Channels to Keep up with Customer Service Trends

Consumers want to interact with your financial institution where, when, and how they want.  We live in an ever-evolving digital world that has streamlined many of the tasks in our day to day lives, such as checking out at the grocery store, buying clothes, and ordering food, so shouldn’t your financial organization be providing self-service […]

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By Kelly Wilson in Development - Aug 1, 2018

Digital Trends that are Shaping the Future of the Banking Industry

Who enjoys change? Change is not comfortable but it is inevitable, and the disruption that we are experiencing in financial services is quite significant as one of the oldest industries in the world is going digital.  Many organizations within retail, print media and travel failed to keep up when digital transformation hit their respective industries, […]

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