Our Story

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Our Mission

Modernizing how Banks and Credit Unions Engage

because everyone’s time is money.


Our Manifesto

Coconut is about People, Passion, and Performance.

At Coconut we refuse to accept mediocrity of
our product, our performance, and the experience we deliver.

It’s not okay to say I can’t because it’s hard.

We say yes, because it’s an opportunity to explore and innovate. We don’t make excuses. Together, as a team, we get it done and do it right.

Our Core Values













Together we’re

50+ employees

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Coconut is

Built for Banks and Credit Unions.

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We’ve raised over

$5M in funding

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We’re making headlines

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Director of Greeting – The D.O.G

Koda joined the team in 2019 when he was just a young pup. While he had very little previous experience, with a little guidance from his teammates, he’s been making leaps and bounds in his job performance and skills. Koda has been breaking down barriers with his tremendous aptitude for sitting and rolling over for treats, as well as his unique ability to sniff out good ideas (and lunch kits). He’s also in charge of napping, walks, and checking in on people with regular laps around the office.

Our Growth Story


Frustrated by how hard it was to book an appointment with her massage therapist, Katherine Regnier, CEO & Founder believed there must be a better way. Booking a flight required a more sophisticated approach but was easier to do. With a $5K loan and a pencil sketch, the idea for Coconut Software was born (the original company name was 24 HR Assistant).



Romeo Iula joined Coconut as a part-time engineer while holding a full-time position at the same digital agency as Katherine. Coconut focused on selling to SMBs, and started to make progress with part-time attention.

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  1. May 2011, the wildly successful launch of TELUS Learning Centres across Canada inspired Katherine, along with Romeo Iula to take a chance, quit their full-time jobs and turn Coconut from a side company into a full-time gig.
  2. The Company name was changed to Coconut Calendar.

February 2015

5 employees

Spring 2016

Neal Dempsey invited Katherine for an elite, one-month CEO mentorship. While Romeo held down the fort at Coconut Calendar, Katherine spent a few life-changing weeks in San Francisco.

About Us - Katherine and Neal

June 2016

Coconut lands Jackson Hewitt as its first large, U.S. Client.

November 2016

With eyes opened to the possibility of real company growth during her time in San Francisco , Katherine raised an initial angel round of 700K+ led by Neal Dempsey, Chris Noble, and Laurie Dmytrysyhn – PIC Investments.

December 2016

10 employees

Coconut Software - Our Story - 10 Employees

January 2017

The Toronto office officially opened for business!

February 2017

Coconut Calendar strategically narrows it’s focus on Enterprise clients and leaves the SMB space. Building a superior product for one sector is stronger than trying to be everything to everyone.

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September 2017

20 employees

November 2017

Coconut raises $4.2 million in Series A led by Information Venture Partners, and joined by ScaleUp Ventures,  PIC Investment and Bay Partners.

The company name is updated to Coconut Software.

August 2018

Carrie Russell is announced as an Independent Board Member to the Coconut Corporation.

October 2018

The company has grown to 50 staff located in both in Saskatoon and Toronto.

Coconut Software - Our Story - 50 Employees

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