Happy People Build Great Solutions

Happy People Build Great Solutions

Our people, passion, and performance help drive the solutions we build, the way we support our customers and the people we work with. Coconut is committed to building a culture that keeps our team engaged and supported so that every person not only feels valued in their work but has fun doing it.

When asked what they enjoyed most about working here, passion for the problems we’re trying to solve and the support we provide to our customers was a recurring theme. It is obvious that when surrounded by hardworking and passionate people, everyone rises to bring their best to work.

“There’s something very human about trying to help people understand each other and to help people connect with the service providers that they require. As a technical guy I really love the problems that we’re trying to solve, they’re really hard problems and it’s really really fun and fascinating to see it unfold.” – Romeo Iula, Chief of Product and Technology

“If there are ever any discussions or disputes within our team, it’s 99% of the time over what is the best way to do something. How can we basically make it better? Which I think is good, that’s a healthy discussion to have because then you come out with the best possible solution for what we’re trying to achieve.” – Denis Rooke, Software Developer

“As somebody who’s speaking directly with new customers, the ability for me to go back to the team and turn something around quickly for them, and really surprise them and delight them, is something that is an amazing experience and quite unique.” – Maggie O’Rourke, Account Executive

“We’re a very fast-moving company, our product is constantly evolving. I really love to work here because we’re always coming out with great new ideas, we’re always taking amazing feedback from our customers and bringing it to life. It’s just such an amazing experience to be able to get feedback from a customer and then be able to send them the email and say ‘guess what we’re working on that, let’s jump on a call and talk about it.’” – Michelle Bucek, Senior Customer Success Manager

“The one thing that sets us apart is that we’re so focused on improving our products to fit our customers’ needs and requirements. We know what everyone’s objective is and ultimately working towards the same goal.” – Stephen Murphy, Account Executive

“I think that something that makes Coconut pretty special is that we all share the same passion for creating a quality product and making sure that we’re solving real problems that exist in the world and that help improve people’s lives.” – Andre Doucette, Acting Director, Product

“I think because of how client-centric we are, like we really do listen to them, we try to understand their pain points, their feedback, that we’re always striving to just… it’s never, it’s never enough. It’s never like oh we did it. It’s like more, more and more. How can we get better? How can we get better? And that’s a constant discussion and that’s why I see us kind of leading the path.” – James Casaca, Customer Success Manager

It is evident that every team member at Coconut embodies our ‘Get it done and do it right’ philosophy. By having everyone working together towards the same goals, we are able to tackle challenging problems. The team is always looking for new ways to improve the product by listening to our customers, understanding their needs and acting quickly. It is this partnership with our customers that drive us forward… and it starts with happy and engaged staff.