Tracking Appointment Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Tracking Appointment Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Track appointment analytics to give your organization a full view of your customers, and insight into who they are, what they want and what improvements they believe your organization can make to better serve them.  In fact, companies that utilize customer analytics are 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, and 19 times more likely to achieve above-average profitability.

Customer journey metrics are valuable and can help your organization accomplish many objectives, such as enhance customer satisfaction, improve product and service design, as well as optimize customer channels. However, a lot of this valuable information goes untracked in many organizations.

Why you should be tracking appointment analytics in your organization

You might be asking yourself why your organization should be tracking this information, and what benefits they actually bring to your business.  Here are some of the benefits that tracking analytics can bring to your organization:

Increase Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones.  By enhancing the customer experience, your organization will be able to reduce churn.

By tracking appointment analytics in your organization you will be able to gain insight into what aspects of your customer-facing channels your clients enjoy, and what is turning them away.  63% of companies who have used customer analytics to their advantage have been able to enhance customer satisfaction, and 46% have been able to increase customer loyalty.

Enhance Marketing Efficiency

Tracking your appointment analytics also allows you to gain some insight into what your customers are interested in, in order to better target your marketing campaigns. In fact, 60% of companies that track customer analytics have been able to use them to optimize their marketing efforts.

By tracking customer interests, it will allow you to personalize your marketing efforts for each customer, to capture their attention more efficiently.

Increased Sales

69% of organizations who track customer analytics have found them effective in supporting their core sales. Knowing more about your customers allows you to curate your marketing content, but it also allows you to target customers in a way that increases sales.  By tracking a customer’s interactions with your organization, you gain insight into their past needs and patterns, making it easier to offer them additional services that are curated specifically for to their interests, making them more likely to purchase.

Your organization can use the customer data that it collects and translate it into actionable business insights to help understand customer preferences and behaviors.  By analyzing and understanding customer patterns you will be able to improve the customer experience, retain more customer, improve your marketing initiatives, and drive additional revenue.

How tracking appointment analytics can help improve business processes

Being an appointment driven business, the appointment booking process is typically the first touchpoint for your customers with your organization.  It is imperative that your appointment booking process is easy for customers to navigate and creates a positive experience.

An appointment scheduling solution enables organizations to capture appointment analytics and track the customer journey across channels, from the time the appointment is booked, through to the appointment completion.  By tracking metrics across the appointment lifecycle, you can begin to see which areas in the booking process require improvement, identify key performance indicators, while also gaining additional insights into your customers’ appointment needs. Here are just a few of the analytics your appointment scheduling solution should track to ensure that you are optimizing your scheduling process, and offering a premium experience to your customers.

Inefficiencies in the scheduling process and customer journey

Long hold times and slow form or email responses due to inefficient scheduling processes contribute to poor customer scheduling experiences. Online appointment scheduling streamlines these processes to deliver a better customer journey across the entire appointment lifecycle. Tracking how customers interact with your organization allows you to see what areas in your customer-facing channels are in need of improvement, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction to improve customer loyalty and increase retention. In fact, companies who use customer analytics to their advantage are 7.4 times more likely to outperform their competitors due to their preferred customer experience.

Understanding how the different appointment booking channels are performing allows you to evaluate where customers are dropping off and where you are losing revenue so that you can improve processes and enhance the customer experience.

Branches and staff performance

Staff inefficiencies and idle time are extremely costly.  Tracking customer trends and how your branches and staff are performing allows you to identify which branch locations or staff are booking the most appointments. This allows you to adjust staffing and make smart workforce decisions to better manage your business.

Additionally, an appointment scheduling solution can send automated surveys to customers who have completed their appointments to assess the success of that appointment, the experience they had with the branch and their interaction with the advisor. Tracking direct feedback from customers to gauge their satisfaction is very valuable as it allows your organization to have direct insight into the customer’s experience with the branch or staff.

Appointment Volume

As a business that relies on appointments to generate revenue, it is important to know the status of those appointments.  Many organizations only know how many transactions they have had, however not every scheduled appointment results in a completed appointment, as customers can reschedule, cancel ahead of time or no-show. Tracking the number of canceled, rescheduled, completed, and no-show appointments give your organization a complete view of the entire appointment lifecycle.  Additionally, you can start measuring how many appointments were booked in advance in comparison to walk-in traffic, or whether a marketing campaign has been successful by tracking an increase in booked appointments.

Analyzing your organization’s appointment scheduling metrics can give you insight into trends, patterns and appointment conversion rates as well as service, staff and branch performance. This allows you to take the necessary steps to improve your organization’s appointment booking process to ensure that every appointment booked converts to successfully completed.

Appointment analytics are vital to fully understand the complete customer journey and help your business make informed decisions.  In fact, one of Coconut’s customers had built their own home-grown solution, however, it didn’t provide any useful appointment analytics. They decided to implement Coconut’s enterprise appointment scheduling solution because they required an appointment scheduling system that gave their staff insight into appointment conversions and location performance.  Having this insight into customer patterns and behaviors allows you to assess your organization’s processes, performance, and appointment volume, to help make changes to enhance and improve the customer experience and increase revenue. Don’t allow your competitors to benefit from these appointment analytics without giving your organization the same luxury.

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