TCU Financial Group’s Challenge

Call centres are the hub of most credit unions’ member experience, answering numerous calls, emails, or online chats for the whole organization. Managing a call centre requires a lot of multitasking and a strong knowledge base, in order to answer members’ questions quickly and effectively. Appointment Scheduling gives call centre staff real-time availability for account managers so that they can book meetings accurately, elevating member service.

TCU Financial Group was looking for an appointment scheduling solution to improve their contact center efficiencies in order to better serve their members across multiple locations and with varying service options. Their previous system was basic and didn’t adapt well to their needs as they grew their online presence. They wanted to connect members with an account manager or wealth advisor through different delivery channels.

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About TCU Financial Group

TCU Financial Group is a Saskatchewan based credit union that provides a suite of financial products and services across all 5 of its branches in the province. TCU Financial Group is dedicated to providing outstanding service by understanding member needs and providing convenient products and services that are easy to use and understand.

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The Solution

The TCU Financial Group call centre answers numerous calls a day. Common member calls include booking appointments, making changes to appointments or requests to speak with an account manager. The Schedule allows staff to quickly see all account managers’ availability and manage all of their schedules at each location on one screen.

The call centre staff utilize the Coconut Day View to see all account managers working at a branch, they look for the member’s home branch and account manager the member is assigned to and then check that account manager’s schedule to see what times are available. Coconut only allows you to book appointments with an account manager that provides the service, it does not let you book services with the incorrect person. If the account manager doesn’t perform the service requested by the member, they can find an alternative account manager at the member’s home branch.

Each appointment has a note section, that allows the call centre to add additional information for the advisors to reference before or during the appointment.

TCU Financial Group has also found the tool very useful for helping manage some of the incoming emails. Often members will send completed paperwork to the general email. By utilizing search in the client logs, staff can look up the appointment history and can confirm which account manager they need to forward the paperwork to.

The Results

“Coconut has allowed our contact centre to easily see who is available at each location and effectively book appointments with the appropriate specialist. By including an email reminder, we ensure our members know exactly when and where their meeting is and what to bring to the appointment. Offering these kinds of inspired services assist TCU Financial Group in providing an exceptional Member Experience.”
Ellen Crowder, MemberLine Supervisor

Coconut Software offers easy navigation between multiple locations and staff, by simply toggling between locations or clicking through future dates to see availability. It provides the most up to date access to account managers’ schedules. The company settings allows TCU Financial Group to assign services to staff and set the appropriate time required for each of those services. It has eliminated the need to know which account managers perform which services and ensure staff book the right product with the right person, as well as block the right amount of time for each appointment.

As a result, appointment scheduling has increased call centre efficiency, by having real-time schedules available to the call centre staff to access the account managers’ schedules.

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