3 Ways Online Appointment Scheduling Optimizes Staff Time

3 Ways Online Appointment Scheduling Optimizes Staff Time

Operational inefficiencies regularly affects staff productivity, effectiveness, and ultimately your bottom line. Online appointment scheduling optimizes staff time by developing agile operational processes through appointment and lobby management solutions. Appointment scheduling software is an efficient and effective tool with many benefits, such as replacing the aggravating task of manually scheduling appointments, enhancing productivity in the office by eliminating idle time waiting for walk-ins, and reducing no-shows. All of the benefits that automated online scheduling provide help to optimize staff time, subsequently boosting your business revenue.

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1. Eliminates Time-Consuming Tasks

Coordinating staff-client availability is an aggravating process for both parties. Scheduling appointments is a time-consuming task for employees and irritating for customers, who have to wait over the phone or in person for someone to find an available appointment. One of the benefits of real-time online scheduling software is that customers can easily book appointments without having to correspond with staff members, saving both individuals time and frustration. Online solutions can also sync directly with staff calendars (Outlook, Gmail, etc.), allowing customers to view the availability of each staff member online, sparing employees the time it takes to coordinate with clients. People are preoccupied with the stress of juggling multiple tasks in their busy day – online appointment scheduling optimizes staff time and ultimately improves employee experience.

2. Provide Timely Service

Appointment driven businesses do not want to turn customers away at the door, and appointment scheduling can help ease the walk-in process. Allowing customers to schedule appointments ahead of time will reduce the number of walk-ins, as well as shorten the wait time that they might experience. Your employees will also have the luxury of knowing their schedule ahead of time, allowing them to better plan their day and maximize time spent in the office. Having appointments scheduled ahead of time also helps to ensure that staff are investing their time in speaking with serious customers, as opposed to individuals that are merely browsing.

3. Reduces No-Shows

One of the biggest wastes of time for your staff is preparing for an appointment with a client who does not show up. The time your employee spent preparing for the appointment has gone to waste, and they are now left with idle time. Online scheduling software has the ability to send out automated email and SMS notifications to ensure that customers are aware of their upcoming appointment. If the scheduled time no longer works for the client, they are able to cancel and reschedule the appointment themselves. The original appointment time will then become available on the employee’s calendar, allowing for another customer to book. As a result of automated reminder notifications, no show rates are reduced and your staff are relieved of the worry that their client will not show up for the scheduled appointment.

Optimizing staff time is in direct correlation with increasing the revenue of your business. By implementing automated online scheduling you can move away from the tumultuous process of manually scheduling appointments, subsequently increasing the productivity of your staff and business.

What’s Next?

Ready to optimize your staffs time by implementing an online appointment scheduling solution to optimize staff time? Download our Appointment Management Data Sheet today.

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