Coconut Named as One of Betakit’s Canadian Tech Companies To Watch

Coconut Named as One of Betakit’s Canadian Tech Companies To Watch

Coconut Software is proud to be listed as one of Betakit’s top 11 Canadian tech companies to watch out for in 2020. Check out the full article here.

Coconut has been listed alongside:


Klue provides a lens into a competitor’s world, continuously updating and connecting dots to help users win more business. It’s a new way to capture, manage, and communicate market insights from the web and across the company, in platforms many already use.

Damon Motorcycles

Damon is reinventing personal mobility for 1.5 billion daily commuters. Starting with a blank slate, the company reverse engineered the problems two wheel commuters face and built an experience that’s perpetually safer, smarter, and more rider-friendly.

The vision includes a self-learning mobility platform that will usher in a world with no fatal accidents on Damon vehicles by 2030. To achieve that vision, Damon put data-driven thinking at the epicentre of the company, employing radical innovations in sensor fusion, robotics, and AI.


Properly aims to quash issues typically associated with a home sale, like untimely house showings and expensive repairs. The platform uses machine learning to help homeowners determine what their home would sell for on the open market, with the option to sell directly to Properly and close quickly. The company offers its users a price match guarantee, meaning if the home sells for more than Properly’s offer, 50 percent of the difference is refunded to the customer.


Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment like never before. The company provides unprecedented real-time visibility into user actions, customizable controls, and the ability to stop commands pre-execution without the need for human intervention. Cmd’s aims to allow its customers to get ahead of potential breaches and block malicious attackers without blocking business.


Flybits provides users with real-time information about what their audience is doing on mobile devices and allows businesses to respond accordingly. The platform uses customer data from proprietary and public sources, as well as device sensors. Flybits then combines this with contextual data, like risk profiles, as well as machine learning, allowing enterprises to drop content to the right user at the optimal time.


Unbounce started in 2009 when landing pages were little more than a buzzword. The company’s CEO, Rick Perreault, frustrated waiting on developers for every new campaign, set out to create a better experience for marketers. Perreault joined forces with Carter Gilchrist, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, and Jason Murphy to bootstrap Unbounce out of a dark, 500-square-foot room in Gastown, Vancouver.

As one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies with offices in both Vancouver and Berlin, Unbounce has powered over 650,000,000 conversions to date and serves more than 15,000 customers worldwide.


1password is dedicated to storing passwords securely, allowing users to log into myriad online services with a single click. The platform can also be used to store other private documents, such as software licenses, credit cards, and driver’s licenses. With personal security and cyber risk increasingly on the minds of consumers and businesses alike, the company is well positioned to address major societal concerns.

Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems is a Vancouver-based biotech startup, founded in 2013, that has developed what it calls pioneering technology that does 3D bioprinting of living, human tissue. The startup claims that its technology enables advances in the understanding of fundamental biology, disease research, regenerative medicine, and the development of novel therapeutics.

Korbit AI

Korbit AI is building the future of education; powered by machine learning, intelligent tutors which teach students through interactive exercises and conversations. The company’s mission is to bring a transformation to the world of education by providing a high quality, interactive, and personalized education for students at low cost, anytime and anywhere. Through their studies with Korbit, students will obtain trusted certification to improve their socio-economic status.

More About Coconut Software

Coconut Software is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for modern banks and credit unions including: Vancity, United Federal Credit Union, Servus Credit Union, and Royal Bank of Canada, and is backed by investments from CIBC, Information Venture Partners, Bay Partners and ScaleUp Ventures. By providing technology that elevates the customer experience while improving operational efficiencies, Coconut’s solutions consistently increase satisfaction scores, decrease churn, and strengthen acquisition.

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