Organizational Loyalty and Customer Experience

Organizational Loyalty and Customer Experience

With the current wave of digital transformation sweeping over the FinServe industry, organizational loyalty have become key to success. Customers are beginning to expect and demand the enhanced customer journey that comes with it from their service providers. These changes have brought them benefits like real-time service and immediate interactions between organizations and their customers, and customers are hungry for more. Plus, with the increased revenue and efficiency that digital transformation is bringing businesses, management has an appetite as well. If your organization is not taking advantage of these benefits, missing out on this wave of new technology could be detrimental to your customer retention rate.

How the Customer Journey Has Evolved Alongside the Digital Transformation of the FinServ Industry

Increase Transparency in your Appointment Journey

Updating your customers in regards to how long it will take for them to complete their service request allows them to better understand where they stand in their appointment journey. When customers know where they are in the customer journey, there is an increased chance that they will complete their interaction with your organization as opposed to abandoning their request due to uncertainty about how long they will have to wait until it can be completed.

Provide Instant Gratification to Enhance the Customer Experience

The internet has programmed consumers to expect access to information and services whenever and wherever they want. Because of this, customers have come to expect 24/7, real-time access to their service organizations. By mapping out the appointment journey in your organization, you will be able to assess areas that are slowing down the process for your customers, and delaying their need for instant gratification. And by identifying these areas of improvement, you will be able to enhance the appointment journey and provide your customers with the “always on, always available” level of service that they crave.

Enhance the Customer Journey by Providing Variety in Your Contact Options

Customers do not want to be forced through the funnel of slow, inefficient legacy channels when they contact your organization. Today’s customers demand variety and autonomy when choosing how they want to interact with you, and this is something that every organization, especially those dealing with something as personal and vital as finance, needs to deliver on. Whether customers want to contact your business through the contact center, online or in person, you want to ensure that whatever channel they choose, they experience a streamlined customer journey.

How an Integrated Appointment Management Solution Will Enhance Operational Processes and Reduce Wait Times

Increase transparency with an appointment management solution

Implementing an appointment management solution enables you to provide your customers with a streamlined walk-in appointment experience. When your customers arrive for a walk-in appointment, they will be able to take instant advantage of a specialized lobby management solution to see what services are available, when they could expect to see an advisor and where they sit in the waiting process, reducing the chances of service abandonment that accompany unclear wait times in your branch locations. And when your branch is too busy to serve them quickly, customers will be free view future availability and schedule an appointment for a later date. When your organization offers a transparent appointment journey, customers will be able to manage their time better, while your organization is able to ensure a significant drop in abandoned appointments and the disruptions they can cause in workflow.

Enhance the customer experience with instant gratification

With the digital transformation taking place in the FinServ industry, online channels have become not only preferred but expected by customers. By providing your customers with real-time service, you will reduce the rate of customer churn in your organization. With a centralized online appointment scheduling solution, you will be able to provide customers with an online platform where they can access your organization 24/7. By allowing your customers to view advisor qualification and real-time availability across different branches before scheduling and receiving instant confirmation for in-person interactions online, you are providing them with around the clock access and deliver the instant gratification that they have come to expect. All while ensuring accurate service.

Enhance legacy channels to improve the appointment journey

Some customers prefer to remain consistent in the way that they interact with your organization, taking advantage of outdated legacy channels to book their appointments. With an appointment management solution, you will be able to quickly and easily update these channels for customers who haven’t migrated to the new systems while at the same time attracting tech savvy younger generations through the digital transformation of your newer channels. With online appointment scheduling, your customers will be able to schedule in-person interactions through booking links, buttons, online chats or any other method they are comfortable with. By offering multiple updated channels and a true omnichannel experience, you provide your customers with autonomy, enabling them to decide how they would like to interact with your organization.

Streamline the Appointment Journey and Reduce Wait Times With Coconut Software’s Appointment Management Solution

When customers start their interaction with your organization through an effortlessly streamlined process, you are setting your organization up for success. With Coconut Software’s integrated appointment management solution, there are multiple implementations available to you that can help enhance your operational efficiencies and reduce wait times for your customers, reducing customer churn and increasing business in your branch locations.

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