Measure Your Marketing Campaign Success

Measure Your Marketing Campaign Success

How is your organization measuring where new opportunities are being generated from?  It has become vital for organizations to measure marketing campaign success through tracking the CTAs used in all forms of communication.

Tracking appointment generation is a key inbound lead touchpoint which can be captured when tracking your organization’s marketing campaigns. Through collecting data on your marketing efforts, you will be able to enhance your organization’s marketing tactics and ultimately increase inbound opportunities.

Importance of Tracking

Only 36% of companies use analytics to drive customer acquisition and those who don’t place data at the center of their marketing campaigns are missing out on a 15-20% ROI increase. Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is crucial to the success of your business, and more specifically, your marketing team.  Identifying weak areas in your marketing campaigns and improving inbound opportunities are just some of the benefits of tracking marketing analytics.

Take Credit for Your Success

According to Forbes, 74% of marketers cannot report on their contribution to revenue or opportunities generated for their business, and only 29% get credit for the inbound leads their efforts generate.

It is a difficult task to launch a marketing campaign, and you want to be able to measure the success and the effort that goes into it.  There is nothing wrong with getting credit where credit is due, and that is why it is essential to track your marketing analytics.

Increase Revenue by Learning From the Past

Additionally, it is vital your organization learns from past efforts to improve marketing efforts and generate more business.  By tracking your organization’s marketing efforts, you can see which tactics are working and which are not, so you can generate more business moving forward.

When marketing analytics go untracked, every new campaign you launch becomes a shot in the dark. You’ll have no idea how it will perform because you do not have marketing analytics from past efforts.

Using Appointment Scheduling Software

You might be wondering “How do I go about tracking my marketing analytics?” There are a lot of tools available to track your marketing analytics through social channels, but one you may not have considered is online appointment scheduling.

Real-time, online services are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for many customers as their expectations rise with the digital transformation spreading through most industries. Online scheduling can address this increase in customer demands. And it also comes with a great advantage of allowing you to track your organization’s marketing campaigns by being used as a CTA.  This is a beneficial solution as your CTA can convert directly into a customer interaction, and displays a highly desirable feature your organization offers. In short, online appointment scheduling is the marketer’s dream.

Increase Opportunity Value

Many CTAs lead customers to fill out a form and give their personal information, but rarely do they include a direct link where the customer can schedule an appointment with the organization.  With the typical CTA form, the next step is for your organization to use the customer’s personal information and distribute more marketing materials their way. With an appointment scheduling link as your new CTA, your customers can access your organization easily, in real time, and end the interaction with a time for them to meet with one of your customer-facing staff.  This is a very effective conversion for your organization, as this CTA creates a more valuable opportunity.

In terms of acknowledging your marketing efforts, the CTA is tied to the piece of content or the campaign you distributed, making it easier to track your marketing efforts and see exactly how marketing contributes to the growth of your business.

Use an Attractive CTA

You would hope your CTA is enticing enough for customers to want to click on it, but often, that is not the case. Typically, 80% of visitors will leave your website without ever returning or clicking on a CTA.  When online appointment scheduling is also the CTA for your marketing content, it gives your organization major bonus points.  With the digital transformation spreading throughout the financial services industry, customers expect more, including the demand for 24/7, real-time access to organizations like yours.  By having an online appointment scheduling link as your CTA, you are making your organization more appealing to the customer, and they are more likely to provide you with their business.

By having appointment scheduling as the CTA for your marketing campaigns, you are giving yourself a tool to measure the success of your marketing efforts, and increasing the attraction of your organization to current and potential customers. It is a serious benefit for an appointment driven business, while also providing all the additional benefits of an appointment scheduling solution.

For more information about how an enterprise appointment scheduling solution can enhance your organization’s marketing campaign success, schedule a consultation today.