Coconut Mobile App Provides Scheduling On The Go

Coconut Mobile App Provides Scheduling On The Go

The Coconut Mobile App is now available for both iOS and Android. The app was designed to provide a better mobile experience for our clients to manage their schedules remotely. Coconut Software is always looking for new opportunities to elevate customer experience and ensure a seamless user experience.

Mobile technology has enabled businesses to offer in home or online services, requiring staff to manage their schedule on the go. Additionally, many employees have started working remotely, which also requires them to access their schedule away from their computer. This, along with the convenience of having the schedule easily available, prompted the development of the app.

The Coconut app will replace the mobile schedule view option previously available through the Coconut Calendar login. The desktop schedule view will continue to be accessible through mobile, but will not be optimized for mobile use. We encourage all users to download the app if they wish to manage their schedule from their phone or tablet.

What Can I Use the App For?

The Coconut App is an extension of Coconut Calendar and is free to any Coconut Calendar user. It does require you to have a Coconut Calendar account in order to sign in. You will be able to view, add, edit or delete any events, as well as manage your customer list and/or call them directly from within the app.

Although the app offers a lot more mobile functionality, there are some features you will need to manage from the desktop view, which is best done from a computer. This includes managing staff, locations or services, as well as changing any company settings. Reports will also need to be generated in the desktop view.

The app cannot be used to book appointments, however the client view is fully responsive allowing for a seamless booking experience.




What Next?

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