Coconut Software and ChannelNet Partner on Omnichannel Marketing Toolkit to Deepen Customer Experiences

Coconut Software and ChannelNet Partner on Omnichannel Marketing Toolkit to Deepen Customer Experiences

Dearborn, MI – Coconut Software, a leading digital appointment scheduling software provider for banks and credit unions, has announced a partnership with ChannelNet to integrate with its unique OneClick Financial™ platform. 

This partnership adds yet another valuable tool into OneClick’s powerful omnichannel marketing toolkit. OneClick extends financial brands abilities to craft personal and convenient experiences for members and customers by making it easier to drive leads and schedule appointments with the experts that can help accountholders with their varied financial decisions.

“It’s a great pleasure to partner with Coconut’s powerful scheduling solution,” observes Paula Tompkins, founder and CEO of ChannelNet. “OneClick Financial offers a unique, comprehensive platform for deepening accountholders’ digital engagement with their financial institutions. And Coconut adds significantly to OneClick’s goal of digital empowerment for members, customers, and financial institutions.  

OneClick Financial is a data-driven, digital engagement platform designed to generate a personal dialog between financial institutions and their customers and members. This powerful solution enables financial institutions to deliver a targeted individual experience that encourages relationship growth while reinforcing consistent, positive interactions.

OneClick customers can easily integrate Coconut Software’s Appointment Scheduling solution for bank and credit union clients, to customize the member or customer experience. Coconut’s Appointment Scheduling solution captures engaged customers and members quickly through streamlined appointment booking, reducing both administrative tasks and wait times in the branch and improving both the staff and customer satisfaction. 

“We’re pleased to bring Coconut’s market-leading Appointment Scheduling solution designed specifically for the bank and credit union marketplace to ChannelNet’s uniquely personalized digital engagement platform” said Coconut Software’s CRO, Jim MacDonald.

About Coconut Software:

Coconut Software is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for modern banks and credit unions and is backed by investments from Conexus Venture Capital Fund, Information Venture Partners, SaskWorks Venture Fund, Bay Partners, ScaleUp Ventures, PIC Investment Group, with additional financing by CIBC. By providing technology that elevates the customer experience while improving operational efficiencies, Coconut’s solutions consistently improve satisfaction scores, decrease churn, and increase sales.

About ChannelNet:

ChannelNet’s OneClick Financial Digital Engagement platform delivers hyper-relevant customer and member experiences. These uniquely curated experiences are designed to allow accountholders to engage with a dynamic omnichannel experience that helps the financial institution create a more rewarding customer journey. The new digital virtual branches offer also allows customers and members to interact virtually with real humans at their branch as well. More information is available on and or follow us on Twitter @ChannelNet and LinkedIn/ChannelNet.