Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Steps to Improving Operational Efficiency
By Sean Wilson in Operations - Jul 3, 2019

3 Steps to Improving Operational Efficiency

From your employees, to your customers, to the data that ties them together, discover how to identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies in 3 steps.

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Learnings from the Bank of Amazon
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience - Jun 21, 2019

4 Customer Experience Lessons Banks & Credit Unions Can Learn From Amazon

From data utilization to partnerships, Amazon reigns supreme in customer experience. With a ‘Bank of Amazon’ on the horizon, it’s time to take notes.

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Coconut Software - Blog - Digital Transformation
By Kelly Wilson in Digital Innovation - Jun 13, 2019

6 Steps to a Successful Technology Implementation Process

What can you do to ensure a smooth technology implementation process? Coconut Software has the 6 best steps to ensure a successful implementation.

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By Kelly Wilson in Customer Experience Marketing Operations - May 15, 2019

3 Digital Banking Initiatives to Increase Branch Traffic

Streamline workflows, boost loyalty, and increase productivity. Discover how appointment management solutions eliminate operational inefficiencies.

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Coconut Software - Blog - Financial Boomer Crisis
By Sean Wilson in Digital Innovation - May 7, 2019

Strategies for the Impending Baby Boomer Crisis

Explore the boomer issues presented in a recent Financial Brand article, & how Coconut’s customer experience software fits into the marketing strategy.

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Walk-In Appointment Journey
By Kelly Wilson in Operations - May 2, 2019

Manage the Walk-In Appointment Journey

Give your customer experience and branch performance a boost with Coconut Lobby Management. The ‘phigital’ solution to mapping the customer journey.

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Coconut Software Background 16
By Sean Wilson in Digital Innovation - Apr 24, 2019

5 Things Financial Institutions Forget During a Digital Transformation

Make your digital initiatives work for you, not against you. Check our top 5 digital transformation errors and how Coconut Software can help you avoid them.

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Coconut Software - Improve Credit Union Performance
By Eric Kys in Operations - Apr 18, 2019

How Employees Improve Credit Union Performance

Read Eric’s take on Andy Jennings session at ICUL, and how the right tools & knowledge in the hands of your employees improve credit union performance.

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Coconut Software - Self-Service
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience Operations - Apr 9, 2019

Balancing Millennials and Boomers in a Self-Service Era

When banks and credit unions discuss the industry’s current digital transformation and its push toward a more comprehensive mobile and online experience, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about it as a service that solely caters to the Millennial mindset. As discussed on our previous post on attracting Millennial clients, the ability to view real-time […]

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Coconut Software Blog Hero - Credit Unions Connect With Millenials
By Katherine Regnier in Marketing - Apr 2, 2019

3 Ways Credit Unions Can Connect With Millennials

Katherine Regnier, CEO and Founder of Coconut Software highlights the three key methods Credit Unions can use to connect with millennials.

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