Identify Operational Inefficiencies in your Organization to Help Choose your Next Implementation

By Kelly Wilson - Oct 31, 2018

When deciding what implementation to choose for your organization, first you want to correctly identify the problem with your operational processes. This will allow you to choose an implementation that will combat your current operational inefficacies and improve processes within your organization. By correctly diagnosing the problems, you will be able to develop a clear picture of the implementation you need.

In appointment-driven businesses, it is a common issue for organizations to experience both back-end and front-end inefficiencies that affect overall processes. Issues with back-end processes can include lack of communication between the appointment scheduling channel and the customer-facing advisor, while front-end inefficiencies can include lengthy call handle times for customers attempting to make an appointment with your organization.

Why is it important to identify operational inefficiencies?

Identifying operations inefficiencies within your organization ensure that you are choosing the most impactful solution for your organization.

Once you identify the problem within your organization, your team can start to map out what solutions will best address the operational inefficiencies you are experiencing. Steven Lowe, founder/CEO of Innovator LLC, says, “Know what you want first… If you know what you want, ideally separated into a must-have list and a nice-to-have list, it will be much easier to figure out if any given solution fits your business–and to resist ‘shiny’ things”.

Instead of starting multiple sales cycles with different technology providers, knowing the issues that you are trying to solve will help you choose the right implementation, saving your organization time and frustration.

How do you know if you are experiencing operational inefficiencies in your back-end processes?

As an appointment driven business, when looking for processes within your organization that could be improved, start by assessing the current state of your customer journey. Customer expectations are on the rise as digital transformation has swept across most industries. According to Salesforce, 76% of customers now report that it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. With the threat of increased churn, it is crucial that your organization stays on top of its customer-facing processes to increase brand loyalty.

A common issue that many appointment driven businesses have experienced are inefficient customer facing-channels. As an appointment-driven business, in order to bring in revenue, you rely on customers to reach out and schedule appointments with you. But, friction points in your appointment booking process could be turning away potential customers.

With integrated appointment scheduling, customers will no longer experience long hold times or inefficient call handling while trying to book an appointment. And, you have the opportunity to provide customers with the 24/7 online appointment booking portal. Customers have come to expect it to be easy to get in touch with their service providers, and booking an appointment is no exception.

Additionally, it is wise to assess your back-end processes that directly impact the customer experience with your organization. In large businesses, it can get chaotic to keep track of all of the information customer-facing staff need to schedule appointments. Within your back-end processes, you need to track staff availability, updated qualifications, and host all of your customer-facing employee data on one platform for your organization to run as smoothly as possible.

With enterprise scheduling, you can host advisor data on a platform that is organization-wide and updates in real-time. implementing an appointment scheduling solution will add much-needed order to your booking process, enhancing your staff and customer experience.

Targeting back-end and front-end operational inefficiencies with enterprise appointment scheduling

When looking at solutions to help solve the issues within your organization, do not limit yourself to one solution for each individual issue. A single solution such as integrated appointment scheduling can help address and enhance multiple inefficiencies that are preventing your organization from functioning at its highest potential. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how integrated appointment scheduling can help solve the issues affecting your organization!