3 Ways to Reduce Appointment Pain Points

For enterprise organizations more appointments equals more revenue, for your staff this usually means an annoying day of email and voice tag trying to schedule the appointment. Due to this, a number of organizations prioritized optimizing operational efficiencies to reduce appointment pain points.

In fact, the amount of time your team wastes scheduling appointments might be staggering. According to the DMR the average office worker receives 121 emails a day. The back and forth trying to schedule an appointment can start taking over an inbox. Additionally, the business may lose out on potential revenue because the appointment never actually gets booked.

We’ve broken out the top 3 appointment pain points and how to reduce these inconveniences, so that your staff can be more productive and provide a better customer experience.

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Stop Wasting Time

Remove the email tag and voicemails by allowing your customers to book when they want how they want. It might be from the company website, mobile application, or even through your call center. Just make it real-time – all the time. We have found that online appointment scheduling saves roughly 3.5 minutes per appointment booked. When your day is spent meeting with customers or scheduling meetings, that time can quickly add up.

Reduce Churn

No shows are a grim reality of appointments and meetings, but there is a silver lining. Automatic email and SMS (Text) reminders have proven to reduce no shows, without consuming any of your time. On average, emails have a 60% open rate and according to Business2Community of all text messages sent 98% are opened, 83% of those are opened within 3 minute. You are able to reach a large amount of customers within a short period time. Our internal data estimates that companies that utilize appointment reminders have decreased no shows by 23%. By reducing no shows, you will save time, optimize productivity, and ultimately increase revenue.

Sorry, Who Are You?

Your staff are going to be more successful when they have some insights as to who the customer is and why they are meeting before they arrive. The more your staff know the more prepared they will be. Capturing this information provides your staff with valuable customer insights that help drive meaningful conversation, so that staff focus on creating a connection and stop focusing on a transaction. It’s about delivering a personalized experience.

Scheduling or managing appointments can be stressful, but by reducing these pain points your enterprise will optimize staff’s time, increase revenue and productivity, and help your staff be successful. Read Selecting Enterprise Appointment Software for helpful questions to consider when choosing a provider that can meet the unique needs of your business.

What’s next?

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