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By Kelly Wilson in Digital Innovation - Jun 13, 2019

6 Steps to a Successful Technology Implementation Process

What can you do to ensure a smooth technology implementation process? Coconut Software has the 6 best steps to ensure a successful implementation.

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By Kelly Wilson in Customer Experience Marketing Operations - May 15, 2019

3 Digital Banking Initiatives to Increase Branch Traffic

Streamline workflows, boost loyalty, and increase productivity. Discover how appointment management solutions eliminate operational inefficiencies.

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Coconut Software Background 16
By Sean Wilson in Digital Innovation - Apr 24, 2019

5 Things Financial Institutions Forget During a Digital Transformation

Make your digital initiatives work for you, not against you. Check our top 5 digital transformation errors and how Coconut Software can help you avoid them.

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Coconut Software Blog Hero 15
By Sean Wilson in Customer Experience Operations - Apr 24, 2019

When Channel Switching Interrupts the Customer Journey

Looking to optimize the customer experience? Stop forcing clients to switch channels. Provide a personalized, intelligent experience with Coconut Software.

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Coconut Software Blog Hero - Credit Unions Connect With Millenials
By Kelly Wilson in Customer Experience Marketing Operations - Mar 25, 2019

Customer Effort Score Explained, and How Banks and Credit Unions Can Enhance it

As a bank or credit union, your customers depend on you for their high-value financial needs, so you want them to be able to access your appointment scheduling channels as easily as possible in order to drive that additional revenue to your organization. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can improve your […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Appointment Scheduling Software Increases Revenue
By Kelly Wilson in Operations - Jan 30, 2019

How to Increase Revenue with Appointment Scheduling Software

Credit unions and banks rely on generating revenue through their appointments, making it crucial to maximize ROI on interactions. Learning to increase revenue with appointment scheduling software is a key way to maximizes these interactions to get the most value out of this customer touchpoint. Interested in learning more about appointment management software? Download Coconut […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Real Time Service
By Kelly Wilson in Operations - Jan 10, 2019

The Importance of Providing Real-Time Service

Did you know 80% of customers drop off the line when placed on hold for over 1 minute to schedule an appointment?  Reduce churn, and optimize the customer experience by providing real-time service. As an appointment driven business, it is crucial you provide a seamless scheduling experience for your customers to drive business to your […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Customer Journey Mapping
By Kelly Wilson in Marketing - Jan 4, 2019

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

Failing to understand and map out how a new solution will fit into an existing customer journey risks making the experience worse, rather than better. After implementing new technology, there is an increased risk of a low adoption rate from customers. More often than not, this lack of adoption stems from the fact that the […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Integrate CRM with Appointment Solution
By Kelly Wilson in Digital Innovation - Dec 12, 2018

Why Integrate CRM With Your Appointment Management Solution

Appointment management software plays a critical role in any organizations digital transformation. To get the most out of your solution, integrating your CRM software is a necessity. Doing so avoids a disjointed operations and a silo’d workforce, not to mention setting your organization up for future success. If you choose to implement and integrate a […]

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Coconut Software - Blog Hero - Customizable Software Solutions
By Kelly Wilson in Digital Innovation - Nov 14, 2018

Customizable Software Solutions v.s. Generic Integrations

When searching for a new technology solution, it can be difficult to decide whether your business needs a cookie-cutter integration or the additional benefits that come with customizable software solutions. The first step is to evaluate the issues your organization is experiencing to better understand what kind of solution you need. After isolating and identifying […]

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