Designing for Embraceable Change

Designing for Embraceable Change

Hi 👋, my name is Colin and I’m a Product Designer at Coconut.

We’re constantly looking to improve our users’ experience. As we learn more about your evolving needs, we design solutions to meet your expectations, reduce frustration, and add delight. 

We’ve made some changes to the Schedule that we think you’ll love but we’re also very conscious about how change can be difficult – many of our clients and their employees use Coconut every day and with every change comes disruption to an established routine. That disruption can sometimes be frustrating. 

One of the ways we’re trying to reduce disruption while making Coconut better is to design for embraceable change. What that means is we’re:

  • Giving you control over when you experience design changes
  • Respecting your familiarity with the existing design

Giving You Control

We don’t want to spring big changes on you without warning. We want you to try new designs when it’s convenient for you. 

That’s why we’re providing an opt-in period of two to three months for you to try the new Schedule and send us your feedback – consider it an “easing in.” This opt-in period allows you to get familiar with what’s different on your terms. It also gives us the chance to fix any major problems before finally replacing the old design.

You can make the decision to stick with the changes or revert back to the classic view during that time. You can go back and forth.

Respecting Your Familiarity 

We recently launched the Phone and Video Meetings add-on to help you continue to engage with customers while shifting to physical distancing. Using phone and video for appointments makes the idea of how to meet more complex. To help keep things simple, we wanted to take this opportunity to unify the look and feel of two integral but very different looking pieces of Coconut: the Dashboard and the Schedule. 

Unifying the look and feel isn’t just about aesthetics. When everything is using the same visual language you no longer need to mentally adjust when moving between pages in the app. Creating a visually seamless experience helps you focus on your work and not on the software.

Even though the look and feel of the new design is a big shift, the way the Schedule works is largely the same because we don’t want you to have to relearn it. We focused on micro-improvements – small changes that can have a big impact. 

For example, we added phone, video and business location icons on events in the Schedule to help you quickly see what’s been booked. 

We also changed the colour coding of events from your Exchange, Outlook or Google calendar. For users who have lots of these events, their existing schedule appears as a sea of brown and they tend to find that experience… unpleasant:

“Change the pre-selected colour of synced (Outlook) appointments from brown to something else…” — anonymous Coconut user

We replaced brown with grey. Those are your events and we don’t want to infer their meaning with any specific colour.

We hope that by designing for embraceable change we’re helping improve your ongoing experience with Coconut. We think you’ll love the changes we’ve made to the Schedule.

Take advantage of the opt-in period and be sure to send us feedback. Your suggestions are the reason we’ve made these changes – help us make Coconut even better!