Ideas On Tap: Coconut Software

Ideas On Tap: Coconut Software

Katherine Regnier, CEO, and Romeo Iula, CEO, of Coconut Calendar present at Vendasta’s Ideas on Tap.

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About Katherine Regnier:

Katherine Regnier is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coconut Software. In 2011, she quit her job at 3-months pregnant to solely focus on Coconut. After 5 years of bootstrapping the company to over a million in sales everything changed in late 2016. Katherine attended a month long mentorship program in Silicon Valley led by Neal Dempsey. Once completed she decided to seek venture capital. Fast-forward to 2017, Katherine has successfully raised $4.9M and has grown her team to over a staff of 50.

In addition to running her business, she is passionate about giving back to Canada and wants to help pave the way for future entrepreneurs. Katherine is a founding board member of Co.Labs, Saskatchewan’s first technology incubator, regularly speaks at events, and is an advocate for women in tech. She believes in continuous learning and surrounding yourself with bright mentors and who have been there and done that.

About Romeo lula:

Romeo leads Coconut Software as the Chief Technology Officer. He completed a Computer Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan and moved on to a senior website developer role at zu agency before joining Coconut Software as Katherine’s second employee, and has since played a significant role driving the success of the organization.

About Coconut Software:

Coconut Software, a Saskatoon-based tech company, is an industry leading software company that provides sophisticated yet simple appointment and lobby management solutions. Geared towards managing walk-ins, on-site & pre-booked appointments, all while providing real-time insights to optimize results, Coconut provides enterprise level solutions that redefine how customers interact with organizations while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Born out of a need for real-time, easy-to-adopt scheduling and customer management, Coconut is the preferred solution for modern banks and credit unions across North America. Since its founding in 2011, the company has quickly become the leader in appointment scheduling and lobby management platforms for modernizing the customer experience, while saving companies time and money.

Source: Vendasta

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